Wilson Staff FG v4 Irons Review

Wilson Staff FG v4 Irons




Feel and Sound


Technology / Customization


Accuracy and Consistency





  • One of the best/softest feels in the 2016 class of irons.
  • Offers a high degree of both playability and forgiveness.
  • Top 3 in class in overall distance.
  • Plated with great looking shiny mirror finish.


  • There are more forgiving sets in the 2016 class.
  • While we love the shiny/yellow/black finishings, they may not be for everyone.
  • While still cheaper than most of the class, are still $900+ for a stock new set.

Wilson Staff FG v4 Irons Review

These days, there are so many different irons out there that it can be quite overwhelming for the average golfer to find the set to suit his swing. Every player is different and every club works in a different way.

Some of them will improve your game, while others will hold you back from truly fulfilling your potential. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Wilson Staff FG v4 irons. Is this the right set to add to your bag? Let’s find out.

Wilson Staff FG v4: Club Overview

First of all, it’s important to point out that the Wilson Staff FG v4 irons are aimed at better players. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these clubs won’t be able to appeal to the more casual golfer, but the level of forgiveness isn’t quite as high as it might be on a line that has been specifically prepared for low-level players.

The clubs can be found for approximately $900 at retail and have been pretty popular since launch. Our tests have shown some very impressive results with these clubs, but individual experiences will vary depending on your own skill and style.

Wilson Staff FG v4L: Aesthetics

These irons try to retain a more traditional aesthetic, while offering the sort of power and technology you’d expect from a modern blade. The forged feel and appearance is particularly pleasing, and it’s hard to argue that these clubs aren’t good-looking.

In a time when certain manufacturers are almost overdoing it with decals, stickers, patterns and crazy designs, it’s nice to see Wilson Staff keeping things classic. Experienced golfers will definitely appreciate the style of these clubs, and even players who are new to the game will find a lot to love in the sleek, clean look of the FG v4 line.

The impressive part of these clubs is that the manufacturer has managed to marry such a traditional design with such modern tech. The irons feature an 18-gram tungsten sole weight which lowers the center of gravity to provide exceptionally high launches and plenty of spin.

Mid to long iron shots are a joy to execute with these clubs, while the slim top section of each blade helps the weight to be evenly dispersed around the perimeter of the club. What this does is to help provide a higher MOI and a really impressive level of forgiveness.

Other exciting features and tech on this line of irons include milled grooves for added stability and spin, carbon steel construction for big distances and a Lamkin Crossline grip that really provides a satisfying feel when you’re holding these clubs in your hands.

These clubs also come with True Temper Dynamic Gold DG Pro shafts, which help to provide a nice degree of stability. The feel of the clubs is a real high point, offering a nice amount of feedback and a great sound at the moment of impact.

Wilson Staff FG v4: Playability and Performance

So how well do they play? Well, let’s just say we’ve been thoroughly impressed by the FG v4 line. These irons seem to have been designed with different types of turf in mind. The sole shape is just right for dealing with tricky terrain, and you’ll have no problem getting out of the rough if you have this set in your bag.

Players with relatively low swing speeds will still get great results out of these blades, and they perform excellently in the wind as well. The consistency of this set is also phenomenal.

Naturally, it all depends on the player, but the ball always seems to go right where you want it to when using these irons. Even the odd mis-hit won’t break your stride with an FG v4 iron in your hands, as these clubs offer a really strong level of forgiveness and accuracy. It would actually be quite a challenge to hit the ball badly when using these clubs. That’s how accurate they are.

The ball glides effortlessly through the air and always seems to go straight. If you’ve been having trouble with the consistency of your shots or if you tend to struggle with mis-hits on a regular basis, you certainly have a lot to gain by giving these clubs a try.

Wilson Staff FG v4 Negatives

So, does the Wilson Staff FG v4 irons range have any flaws? Not really. As we have repeatedly stated, results and opinions will always vary from one player to the next, but these clubs have an attractive look and a lot of smart technology to guarantee good results in almost every situation.

Some players may be slightly surprised by how firm the clubs happen to be, and low-level golfers could require even more forgiveness than these provide, but these are all subjective issues. From a global standpoint, the FG v4 irons are undoubtedly one of the best sets we’ve tested all year, offering ideal attributes and great results, time after time.

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