Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons Review

Golf is known as the game of the elite people and elite people always ask for something special. In golf, golfer always looks for the perfect options. ‘Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons’ is one of that kind.

Why ‘Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons’ is one of those kinds? Let’s talk about key technologies; this staff has 18-gram tungsten sole weight. It is very helpful because it lowers the CG to make a higher launch. This is an awesome technology to help the golfer.

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Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons Pros

wilson-fg-tour-irons-reviewsIn Pros, we should talk about playability first. You will have a real pleasure to play with this Wilson Staff because Wilson Staff pays attention to turf interaction. Sometimes you have to play rough and bad lies. The versatile sole shape of this staff plays great there. It will make those much easier for you. The piercing and controlled medium-low flight is incredible. Sometimes you also need to fight against the wind. In this case, you will have the staff as your friend. It will help you to fight against the wind. At last, the partial swings are spot-on. So you will have perfection in playability.

Now, let’s see the accuracy and forgiveness. In test result, it is one of the top scorers and proved as a reliable staff to almost everyone. Hit straight is almost hard. Every shot looks same just like throwing darts! But each and every shot is different because this is just automatic. All this helps you to score. It will never break you trust.

Now it’s time for one of the most important things, distance control. If you do not have much control on the distance the how can you score? With the stuff, you can make a relatively long shot but extremely consistent. You will fall in love on the consistency. But don’t worry; dealing with distances is much easier than you thought. It is really very simple to use. The replicate of shot after shot is very easy too.

Feeling is also very important. Without feelings, you can’t play well. The FG Tour V4 is solid and very much stable through impact. So it will give a strong feel with full of feedback.

And finally, we will discuss look. The look is not good like performance. The iron is not sleekest but not so bad too. Iron is competent. Dress is not formal, dressed for work. So the look of the dress is ok but also not good. The good thing is, graphics and emblem look good and also well placed. In at all, the look of ‘FG Tour V4′ is ok.

Cons Experienced While Using the Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons

Cons are also important. In ‘FG Tour V4,’ the cons are not good as some other better players models. But the cons are workable. But some player expect softer feel from a forging. Some say that the club has a slight left tendency. This is also a negative point. But most of the guys never said that.

If you are interested to read something about the bottom line, then I have to say that, it is one of the better in irons tested. It always straddles the line between game-improvement and better-payer club. The club is working hard with a good plan to improve the game. The club maintains the line with accuracy and forgiveness. This makes the club better.

Now let’s see some other information’s about ‘Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons’. Golf.com made a report on November 4, 2014 about ‘Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Irons’. The report said that with the combination of modern technology traditional feel and look this club is one of the better clubs. They also said. ‘An 18-gram tungsten sole weight in the 3-7 irons creates a lower CG for increased launch angle and spin as well as a higher overall trajectory on the long and mid iron shots.’ ‘In addition, a thinner top section of the blade allows more weight to be moved to the perimeter of the club head for a higher MOI and added forgiveness’, they added.

Precision milled grooves are also in the features list of ‘FG Tour V4 irons’. The forged carbon steel construction is really great. The nickel-chrome finish and Lambkin Cross line grip is such a great beauty. The Dynamic Gold DG Pro shafts come standard in true temper.

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