What Driver is Dustin Johnson Using for 2015

In July of last year, Dustin Johnson announced the beginning of what would turn out to be a six-month hiatus. This period has been discussed at length for various reason, but Johnson had made an impressive return to the PGA Tour in 2015, narrowly missing out on a US Open Championship when he handed victory to Jordan Spieth at the climax of a tightly-contested tournament. Upon his return to the golf world in February of this year, Johnson arrived sporting a interesting new driver, a TaylorMade Aeroburner to be precise, along with a new AeroBurner 3-wood as part of his bag. Today, we’ll take a closer look at Dustin Johnson’s choice of driver for 2015 and see how impressive this club really is.

Dustin Johnson’s PGA Leading Driver for 2015

Famous for having one of the best drives in the game, Johnson’s choice of driver is always an interesting matter for debate among golf enthusiasts and players alike. Making up the rest of Johnson’s exclusively TaylorMade bag are the following clubs: TP MB irons (3-PW), with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts, two TP wedges (50 and 56 degrees) and an xFT wedge (60 degrees) with KBS 120-gram S-flex wedge shafts and a Daytona 62 putter.

His AeroBurner driver is at 9.5 degrees while his 3-wood is at 15.5 degrees. Both of these clubs come with Aldila Rogue X-flex shafts. Many golfers, particularly those who put a lot of faith in the TaylorMade brand, will certainly be interested by this choice of clubs and may look to invest in the exciting new AeroBurner fairway woods.


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Taylormade Aeroburner History

The original Burner brand was first introduced by TaylorMade with their early metal drivers. The name has shifted around a little over the years and has now been relaunched as AeroBurner, with the AeroBurner driver being a particularly exciting member of this newly-founded family. Naturally, the faster your club head swings, the better distance you’ll get on your drives.

Club manufacturers make use of various techniques based on this simple idea such as increasing the shaft length, changing the shape of the head to reduce air resistance and reducing the overall weight of the club. Well, for the AeroBurner driver, TaylorMade actually use all of these techniques, hoping that their combined powers will provide for the ultimate drives with maximum distance.

This is a gamble that really pays off and one can quickly and easily understand why a player of Dustin Johnson’s caliber would add this powerful driver to his bag. The AeroBurner has arrived on the market representing a replacement and upgrade for the previous TaylorMade model, the JetSpeed driver. The JetSpeed was a decent driver but the AeroBurner improves on that club in all aspects, including the appearance.

With an attractive white crown and sleek red style, this club is certainly an attractive addition to TaylorMade’s library that will certainly turn some heads on the green, for all the right reasons. You might remember the JetSpeed for its use of Speed Pockets; well, the AeroBurner improves on this as well by offering a much longer and deeper Speed Pocket and what this does is to raise forgiveness levels by giving you ball plenty of speed, even from mishits.

dustin johnson driver for 2015

TaylorMade Aeroburner Club Head Design

Little things add up to make the AeroBurner driver fun to use. Even the sound of the head striking the ball is particularly satisfying and makes this an enjoyable club to swing. Speaking of swinging, the club is exceptionally light, featuring a Matrix Speed RUL-Z 50g shaft that allows you to increase your swinging speeds and have a little bit of extra control over your shots. Certain players may find the weight a little offputting as it might simply be too light, but the club offers a nice balance that should suit the majority of golfers, and a TP variant of the club is available for players with high swing speeds.

Along with the weight of the club, its length also offers a nice compromise, coming in at 45.75 inches. However, when you actually swing the club, it offers a level of control and stability that is much more reminiscent of shorter drivers, so that’s an extra bonus to consider.

Another way in which this driver has been carefully crafted to offer maximum distance on every drive is the aerodynamic head. The manufacturers have employed a textured crown that cuts through the air with every swing. The driver also features an Aero Hosel, which is effectively a regular hosel with a little fin on it to improve the aerodynamics of the club.

These little touches certainly help the club to feel faster and lighter with each swing than its rivals, allowing you to raise your swing speeds and get more impressive distances from your drives.

The driver also offers a better launch than its predecessor so you really shouldn’t have any trouble getting some big hits with this club. Overall, it’s certainly one of the most impressive drivers available and we can understand why Dustin Johnson is using it. It might not be for everyone, especially golfers with very high swing speeds (100mph+), but it offers a good balance of features and design aspects that make it easy to recommend.

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