Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge Review

Our Review of the New Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedges

You only need to take one look at the Titelist Vokey SM6 wedges to know that these clubs are pretty special. The first thing that stands out is the curve on the back of each wedge, which is actually an incredibly impressive piece of technology decided to create a “progressive center of gravity”. What does this mean? Well, it basically helps the CG to move around depending on the loft you use.

The lower lofted wedges have lower CGs, and this technology is designed to place the CG in the perfect spot for each club, guaranteeing that each wedge feels different and has its own unique uses. These new designs help the SM6 line provide more consistency, stronger launches and faster ball speeds.

These wedges are currently in the bag of: Justin Thomas, Rafa Cabrera-Bello, Adam Scott, and Jordan Spieth.

Major Changes to These Vokey Wedges

These clubs have been designed with trajectory control in mind, so the varying CG positioning is definitely the most important aspect of this set. The designers wanted to get the CG to line up with the point of impact, while still giving players the familiarity and feel of a traditional wedge.

Why do the higher lofts need higher CGs? Because, on higher lofted clubs, the ball makes contact higher up the face. If the CG was too low down, the shot wouldn’t be as clean. The new placement allows the golfer to enjoy better control over both launch and distance, with Bob Vokey himself stating that players who use these clubs will truly be able to dictate the shape of their shots however they see fit.

titleist-vokey-user-reviewsAnother way in which Vokey has moved the CG around is through the hosel length. When compared to the previous line of Vokey wedges, the SM6 range features smaller hosels for added stability. The loss of weight due to the use of smaller hosels is compensated through the muscle back on the head, which helps to preserve that all important MOI.

In addition, the head will actually increase in size as you go up in loft, making for a broader spectrum of head sizes than we saw in the SM5s. In this new line, the lower lofts are smaller than before, and the higher lofts are bigger than before, which, once again, helps each club to feel more unique and specialized.

These changes are pretty big. Unlike other designers, Vokey hasn’t decided to simply make a few little improvements or changes, while more or less sticking to the pre-existing design. Instead, these clubs represent a big departure from what we saw with the SM5s.

It will definitely take some players a little bit of time to get used to these changes, but we think they’re more than worth the effort. You might also encounter a few teething problems to begin with, so it’s important to speak with an expert fitter to get your clubs adjusted if necessary.


Comparing Data from the SM6 Wedges to Industry Competitors and Past Releases

Testing shows that results are slightly better with the SM6 wedges. This will all vary from player to player, but the new CG technology helps to provide a better level of consistency and more forgiveness, cutting the rate of mishits.

The feel and sound of these new clubs is also highly satisfying, with the newly-designed club faces, complete with TX4 grooves helping to provide a more enjoyable experience upon striking the ball. It’s important to note, however, that the SM5 wedges are still certainly viable and some players may decide to mix and match different elements from both sets.

The new TX4 grooves on each face have been specially modified to provide optimal performance levels. There are five mini groove lines across each face to provide better grip and, most importantly, higher levels of spin. This is particularly noticeable when trying to make those tricky shots from the rough.

Titleist representatives say that the SM6 wedges are able to offer big gains on tough terrain, helping players get themselves out of sticky situations with ease. The new CG tech also helps the ball to go further than ever, so you’ll definitely see some impressive results on these sorts of shots.

Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedges Look and Feel

One thing we haven’t yet talked about is how these clubs look. This is always a very subjective issue, but, in our opinion, the SM6 wedges look great. The Gold Nickel option from the SM5 line has gone, but you’ll still have the choice between Jet Black, Tour Chrome and Tour Silver finishes.

The Tour Silver is particularly elegant, and if you shop directly with Titleist then you can even choose to customize the look of your clubs with letters or initials. The new head shape is noticeable, but not in a bad way, and overall these clubs have a really appealing aesthetic.


Review Summary

To sum up, we’re very impressed with the Vokey SM6 set. These clubs are really fresh and original, offering a brand new experience when compared to the SM5s. They offer great results, with solid forgiveness and accuracy ratings, as well as having a clean, sleek style.

The set comes with a nice range of options to suit all sorts of golfers, they are forgiving while still being one of the more workable sets in the industry, and we can therefore recommend them to anyone.

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