Titleist AP2 Forged 712 Irons Review

Our experts put the new Titleist AP2 Forged 712 Irons to the test this weekend and the results can be found in our review below. An absolute must read for anyone in the market for a new set of irons.

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Titleist AP2 Forged 712 Sets the Standards of the Next Generation Irons

Titleist has gone a long way as one of the sought after brand of skilled and highly skilled golfers for golf clubs. Evidence is the abundance of players who used the brand on widely acclaimed local and international tours. While the brand is considered as one of the best, Titleist has decided to tweak is 712 irons to bring out a more improved model. Thus, Titleist AP2 irons was born and since its initial offering to the market, it is among the favorites of most players and club fitters who described the model as having the appeal and look of players club.


Key Technology of the Titleist AP2

The Titleist AP2 irons are made of forged 1025 carbon steel and offer a higher degree of workability. It also features more weight concentrated at the heel and toe which brings about seven percent (7%) moment of inertia (MOI) or resistance to twisting. The multi-material, forged carbon steel body features two tungsten plugs with a total weight of 50 grams which contributes to the increase of MOI. It also uses a thin stainless steel cradle along the back of the club in combination of the tungsten plugs.

Titleist AP2 is re-engineered and designed to look small and play big. The result of this re-engineering is a tighter dispersion and a better distance control. Its cavity is features an aluminum elastomer to enhance the feel while the narrower sole improves turf interaction. As Titleist put it, the AP2 irons are designed for advance performance that offer playability, traditional solid feel and contemporary yet classic looks for golf players.

Playability, Trajectory and Accuracy

One of the noticeable elements that golfers who tested the latest AP2 irons is the easy to control trajectory and shot shape. The Titleist AP2 irons are engineered to create a precise iron play to optimize flight and distance, with increased forgiveness to help hit it close to the pin. It is because the advanced CG height progression generates a higher launching long irons and a flatter launching short irons for more carry distance with exceptional control.

Most testers of the AP2 irons a flight slightly higher than the previous Titleist models. It produces a very long flight, enough to hold greens with 5-6 irons consistency. AP2 irons are easy to hit straight and testers don’t miss many greens from 8-iron or less. It also hits solid and golfers are most likely able to predict the distance of the ball will travel, which makes scoring shots easy.

The Feel

One of the biggest improvements of the AP2 irons is the feel. The AP2 irons are more solid. It has a softer forged sensation at the impact and it is strong and secure through the swing. It has Crisp Turf Release at the camber sole with pre-worn leading edge and a beveled trailing edge.

The Look

The Titleist AP2 irons are very attractive clubs. The refinement to top line and to make the club appear thinner and smaller. The top line is made to be slightly larger than the MB but from the address it looks much thinner and very close as well. The AP2 presents a superior appearance with a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights. The soles on the club have been thinned down and have a nice blunted leading edge. The contrast between the chrome and satin forged metals, along with the black elastomer inserts looks really nice and produces a classy yet traditional look. The offset is also minimal and the overall square head shape is appealing to the eye.

The Cons

Although The Titleist AP2 generates rave reviews, a few players prefer a more distance solid shots and find the impact feel of the club to be overly filtered. Minority of golfers also finds that the finish of the satin could still be improved considerable.

Overall, the Titleist AP2 is considered a winner with its soft-feeling, great looking and perfect spin and forgiveness characteristics. It sets another standard on how irons will be judged.

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