Titleist AP2 714 Irons

The AP2 irons have been exceptionally popular irons for Titleist since their release in 2010. They are very popular among golfers from touring pros to mid-handicap golfers.

titleisti-ir-ap2-reviewThe Titleist AP2 714 Irons provide the best combination for the ideal flight and distance with improved forgiveness, longer flight with trajectory control, low center-of-gravity long irons and compact, more carry distance.The Titleis AP2 irons are the perfect combination of players and forgiveness. It has a low center of gravity combined with a thicker face to give the golfer more control.With them, the hit is easy, even for a mid handicapper. From the previous model, the new AP2 714 came with changes that makes a lot of difference.

The sole grind has more camber, meaning that from the leading edge to trailing edge it is more rounded. The rounder sole provides better turf interaction. There are less digging and bouncing. With them you will strike the ball with better turf interaction. Regarding of the blade length, the 714 AP2 is one of the best tool that exists and even the low single figure players have great results.

The extra camber on the sole and the leading edge will improve the turf interaction and of course, the club will not bury itself into the ground too much. You can buy Titleist AP2 714 Irons with $1,100 (steel) and $1,300 (graphite).

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Pros to Playing with the Titleist AP2 714 Irons

PLAYABILITY: The Titleist AP2 714 Irons are one of the best irons. Easy to hit, easy to work, very agile through the impact zone. The playability is increased due to a progressive center of gravity; AP2 714 offers more forgiveness, better distance control, dual cavity design with high density tungsten, high moment of inertia. Appropriate for a wide range of handicaps; AP2 714 shows mid to high trajectory ball flight, repeatable flight, good function out of variety of lies.

ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: An additional weight in the toe of the club offers more forgiveness and stability and less miss-hits. Its high accuracy keeps sidespin in check. Irons are designed to match the loft, therefore,the long irons have thinner faces than the short irons. Surprisingly forgiving and easy to hit.There is a notable blend of accuracy and built-in forgiveness. The 714 models offer a higher ball flight in the longer irons which most of the mid-handicap golfers would prefer.

The distance and accuracy needed are given by the long irons, being easy to lift and handle, as well as having a strong trajectory for consistent distance.It is long but it doesn’t lose the precision; spot-on control, as though you are throwing darts. Golfers say that mid irons are the best tools of the set and the short irons offers a high controlled fight with them.
FEEL: The feel is extremely responsive and very intense.Titleist AP2 714has the forged feel, the ideal weight and balance and gives a solid sensation at impact. Players that tested it said that is how a forged iron should feel and that it is the softest and most playable iron they felt in a while. Golfers describe the sound made by AP2 714 as the perfect sound click.

LOOK: The smooth lines, the head shape, the simple black, silver and white color scheme makes for it a highly professional look.AP2 714 has ahigh class, sleek appearance with a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights. The head has a nice balanced appearance that does not look intimidating.

In the 714 model, the designers have gone for more a true badge which can be clearly felt when touching the back of the club. The badge is very bright silver and the Titleist logo has very soft lines of grey vertically and horizontally placed inside the smaller badge. The upper cavity is black in order to accentuate the new Titleist badge.

Cons We Noticed While Using the AP2 714 Irons

Some golfers consider that the off-center hits fly shorter than solid strikes. Shorter players would prefer a shorter iron.

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