Titleist AP1 Irons Review

Titleist AP1 Irons




Feel and Sound


Technology / Customization


Accuracy and Consistency





  • Consistently Long and High
  • Extremely Playable with some forgiveness
  • Beautiful club head design
  • Tungsten technology makes sense, and clearly works


  • Not super game improving irons
  • Pricier than other top irons

We last saw the Titleist AP1 iron back in 2013, but the world-famous brand has now decided to make a few adjustments to its classic formula. The new 716 AP1 iron is being marketed as Titleist’s most forgiving iron yet. Can these clubs live up to such an impressive and exciting description? Well, we tested them out for you and were very impressed by what we saw.

The clever design of these clubs, along with the technology contained within them, is very impressive and should be more than enough to satisfy a very wide and varied audience.

Design of Club Head and CG

titleist-ap1-club-reviewOne of the first things that catches the eye when you look at these clubs is the indented section on the back of the head. Cavities like this are becoming very common on irons and other clubs in the modern era, as they help to control the positioning of the center of gravity, or CG.

The cavity on the Titelist AP1 allows the CG to sit low and slightly back from the middle of the head; this works to provide additional forgiveness and huge launches. The previous entry in the AP1 series—the 714—actually had a section of metal running along the length of the cavity, but that has been removed in the 716 to cut down on weight.

Golf manufacturers usually love to cut down on weight in their clubs whenever possible, as this helps to provide more control to the user, so we’re glad to see this relatively big change to the AP1 design. The removal of the metal strip across the cavity also makes the 716 more flexible than its predecessor, which is another big plus point as a flexible face boosts the speed of the ball on contact.

In terms of materials, the head has been crafted from 17-4 stainless steel which has been specially treated to become extra strong.

That’s not the only material making up this set of irons though. In the sole of each club, Titelist designers have made use of high density tungsten. In fact, the new AP1 contains an extra 50% of tungsten when compared to the older edition. The tungsten is located at the base of the club in order to help the CG move downwards.

A lower CG is always welcomed by golfers as it helps to provide more speed and accuracy on each shot. The tungsten is actually found in the 3 to 7 irons, as it isn’t really needed in the higher-angled clubs.

Club Sound, Feel, and Looks

An exciting aspect of this set of irons is that each one manages to provide plenty of satisfaction in terms of sound and feel. The feel of every single AP1 iron is very pleasing, while a solid sound is produced upon impact. The sound of impact can seem like a little trivial matter at first, but it really does make a difference to your overall enjoyment level when out on the course, so it’s certainly worth mentioning. Every golfer likes to use equipment that not only looks and performs well, but is also fun to use.

Speaking of looks, we’re really impressed with the aesthetic style of these clubs. The heads are remarkably sleek, with a nice balance of chrome and black helping to provide a look that gives off both elegance and grace. While other brands’ irons can sometimes be a little busy or have too many logos and lines all over them, Titelist’s designers really put in a lot of effort for the AP1 716.

These clubs manage to have a style that is both modern and classic at the same time, and we really like it. Aesthetic appreciation is always going to be a subjective matter, but we think the vast majority of golfers will enjoy the look of these clubs.

titleist ap1 irons sound and feel

The Bottom Line…

Looks may be subjective, but performance isn’t. Thorough testing has shown that these irons are more than capable of helping you improve your game. The forgiveness level they offer is particularly satisfying. We’ve seen a lot of club manufacturers claiming that their latest innovations are the most forgiving of all time, but Titleist is able to back that claim up with hard evidence. These clubs will truly help you to hit your shots more cleanly, as well as being able to smash the ball higher and further than with most other irons.

To sum up the AP1 review, we really like Titelist’s latest changes to its famous AP1 irons line. These clubs manage to tick every single box on our checklist: they look great, they play brilliantly, they’re fairly priced and they’re a lot of fun to use. There are a lot of great irons to choose from nowadays, but this set has to be near the top of the pile. The development team at Titelist has worked wonders once again in order to produce some smartly-designed clubs that are highly functional and very attractive.

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