TaylorMade SLDR Rescue Review

Hybrid clubs are becoming more and more popular in the modern game, and many keen golfers are taking advantage of the latest advancements in hybrid technology to improve their own performances out on the green. TaylorMade is one of the leading manufacturers of golf gear and their hybrid clubs have received plenty of critical acclaim from professionals and amateurs alike. After the release of the immensely popular SLDR Driver, the company has come out with the SLDR Rescue.

The driver famously features a CG (center of gravity) that is particularly low and forward, and the Rescue makes use of the same technology with interesting results. This club has a lot of interesting aspects and today we’ll look at just how effective it really is in action.

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TaylorMade SLDR Rescue’s Unique Features

Let’s begin with the things that really matter: the features that make this club unique. As previously mentioned, the SLDR Rescue has a low and forward CG which is designed to offer a higher launch and much lower amounts of spin on your shots, giving you a much greater level of control than ever before.

TaylorMade has certainly done an impressive job in this respect; the average golfer will be able to enjoy much more impressive distances on their shots with this club. There isn’t much of a boost in speed to speak of, but the reduction in spin combined with the high launch results in straighter shots that travel further. Essentially, since this club contains much of the same technology as the SLDR Driver, it actually functions in quite a similar way.

However, it’s worth noting that the lack of spin can be a slight drawback for some players and the club isn’t the most forgiving. Fortunately, TaylorMade has made allowances for this issue by offering a hosel with twelve different loft settings. With so much customization available, the majority of golfers should quickly be able to find a setting that works for them and compensates for the lower levels of forgiveness. To help matters even further, the Rescue features a redesigned Speed Pocket which is now smaller and sleeker than before. This Speed Pocket provides a boost in speed as well as being carefully constructed to offer better levels of forgiveness by allowing the club to strike the ball more cleanly.

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You Will Love Having the SLDR Rescue in Your Bag

So how enjoyable is it to use? Well, after testing, it’s clear to see that the SLDR Rescue can deliver truly impressive distances. If you put this club up against others in its category, it should offer longer shots than most, if not all of the competition. The reduction in spin and low CG offer a driver-like launch to provide some genuinely inspiring results. It also helps to make this club quite versatile, being well suited to a wide variety of shots.

We have mentioned the reduction in spin and forgiveness, but the club isn’t difficult to use by any means. Most golfers should quickly adapt to the SLDR. In fact, this club is much more accessible than the driver of the same range, so players shouldn’t be discouraged if they struggled with TaylorMade’s previous SLDR.

That said, like with any club, it’s important to be patient and test it out beforehand. The SLDR Rescue can often fantastic results when used by players with consistent swings, but it’s always worth making the effort to demo the club. The club still offers a solid level of forgiveness and will provide excellent results most of the time. With the added power and technology providing greater distances than the average club, even mishits can be relatively successful and travel quite far.

Indeed, one of the most attractive aspects of the club is its consistency. If you have a reliable swing that you can expect to be hitting great shots every time. The stock shaft, a Fujikura Speeder, is another great feature that adds to the enjoyable feel of the club. Holding the Rescue in your hands is a dreamlike experience with the club itself feeling very solid and premium. The sound of your hits is relatively quiet and kind on the ears, making for an overall package that should be very appealing to most players.


TaylorMade SLDR Rescue Look

Finally, let’s talk about the looks. Often a point of contention for many golfers, the aesthetics of this club should be pretty widely accepted and appreciated. TaylorMade have chosen a simpler and sleeker design for their SLDR brand than the RocketBallz clubs. Opinions will vary, but we believe the attractive grays and deep blues in use on this club help to make it one of the best-looking hybrids on the market right now.

The chrome alignment aid is simplistic and seamlessly fits with the rest of the club, while the shaft continues the theme with a good blend of grays and blues once again. Even the sole isn’t overly complex, with the new Speed Pocket looking clean and modern.

Overall, TaylorMade have manufactured a very impressive hybrid club with the SLDR Rescue. It’s one of the most attractive clubs any golfer can hope to find these days while also providing unprecedented levels of performance. The levels of forgiveness might take some getting used to, but the 12 point hosel and redesigned Speed Pocket help to alleviate these issues.

Many golfers will quickly adapt to the Rescue and will be glad they did, as the rewards it offers are well worth any small efforts one might have to make to adjust the club. Put simply, it’s an incredibly consistent club and every player out there should at least be giving it a try.

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