TaylorMade RSi2 Irons Review

The RSi line consists of 3 versions: RS1, RS2 and RSi TP. The RSi line is designed for shots to be hit almost anywhere in the face without trying to find the pin head sized sweet-spot. The RSi is mostly designed for mid/low-handicap golfer. They have moderate off-set, a thin top-line, forged short irons and cavity back long irons. For more uniform flex, ball speed and stability, the new RSi irons provide slots on the face in the heel and toe.

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taylormade-rsi2-reviewIn its category, RSi2 is one of the best when it comes to producing playable mishits. The RS12 has thin topline, a compact profile and it has face slots in the 3-8 irons, “speed pockets”with “thru slots” in the 3-7 irons an the thin inverted cone. For higher launch angles, this model has stainless steel long irons with tungsten weighting. The forged face short irons have the role to improve the feel at the impact, having the soft but crisp feel.

Many golfers belive that the RSi2 is one of the more stable, forgiving irons in the better-player category.

The RSi2 is great at getting all the shots in the air and moving it to the target. What players like about this is model is the fact that RSi2 is long, therefore, producing higher- launching shots but in the same time, this feature can make a bit difficult to hold greens.

Cast stainless-steel long irons with tungsten weighting produce higher-launching shots and forged-face short irons provide an enhanced impact feel.

In 2009, the company came with the concept of “inverted cone” for higher COR, faster ball speed and big distance, but this concept also came with an issue: the distance was sometimes unpredictable, especially on shots struck away from the sweet spot.This, made them to come later with the “speed pocket concept, a cutout in the sole that improves the ball speed. After that, for more flexibility and higher launch, they added the “thru slot” concept.


Pros for TaylorMade RSi2 Irons

Playability: Designed more for the better players who want high shots, RSi2 offers exactly high and straight fly of the ball. The set shows nice progression- easy to handle scoring clubs, long irons that decrease the side spin.

Accuracy/Forgiveness: The best attribute of RSi2 is definitely the accuracy. The trajectory and forgiveness are very consistent. Players confirm that it is almost impossible to hit it offline.

The slot technologies in the sole and clubface definitely seems to deliver the goods on misses.

With its generous sweet spot, this model is highly predictable and extremely accurate.

Distance Control: As far as the distance control, hitting controlled shots to precise distances becomes second nature. With these very reliable irons, you will experience almost no distance loss.

Feel: The enhanced impact feeling is provided by the forged-face short irons. The impact feels no harshness on misses. The feel is firm, golfers confirming that the longer and short irons feel strong, but the sound is not the best.The short irons without the Speed Pocket seems to sound better. Testers say that the sound and feel from the slotted irons was a little “clacky”.

The short irons and especially the wedge feel lovely because there is no cavity in the back at all, just a solid forged head. The feel and sound of them is very good.

Look: Compared with the previous RSi1, the new iron has a smaller offset, thinner top line and a smaller cavity back. Some say it has a bulkier look than its competitors but others say that this makes it look more powerful and strong.

RSi2 has a solid look. The offset is moderate, the top lines and soles are medium-sized.The face slots are small and not so noticeable. The shorter irons have a clean and good looking profile. Some people complain about the face slots’s appearance.

Cons for TaylorMade RSi2 Irons

Some players can’t keep the flightdown, others complain there are some little differentiation in feel when hitting the face. Long irons makes more difficult to hold greens.

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  1. I find I miss hit rsi2 for some reason. I’m a 9 handicap player with under 100 mile swing speed. Am I playing with the wrong clubs. They are steel and regular shaft. Please give me your comments.



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