TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver Review

TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver

From $168.99

Club Design


Club Feel







  • Club looks great, with a sleek design and big club face.
  • Faster and longer than it's predecessor and considerably longer than the average club we test.
  • Available in left/right and stiff/flex options for the same price.
  • Comes with great looking leather club head.


  • Not nearly as forgiving as some of the clubs we have tested this season.
  • Made in China and, while we didn't have durability issues, we have read complaints about the club breaking down over time.

With the TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver, Distance is King

The RocketBallz Stage 2 driver does exactly what you would expect from its name. It offers plenty of power and lift, with additional levels of speed and reduced amounts of spin when compared to a typical driver, to help make your shots really go the distance. Here, TaylorMade have really crafted a club for the golfer who wants to hit some long drives with a reliable level of accuracy. The build of the driver is ideally suited for those who tend to suffer the occasional mishit thanks to its high level of forgiveness, but just how powerful is this club?

Novice golfers that just want to hit the ball further are going to complain about this club’s forgiveness, but the truth is when you buy a driver called RocketBallz, it is clearly designed to do one thing great: hit the ball far…

taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver top viewWhen it comes to the pure power of a driver, club manufacturers often talk about the center of gravity. This is effectively one of the most important aspects to think about when designing the ideal driver, and TaylorMade appear to have found the perfect placement for the center of gravity in their RocketBallz Stage 2 driver. TaylorMade’s Senior Director of Product Creation, Tom Olsavsky, has claimed that many of the company’s rivals are obsessed with forcing the center of gravity as far back as possible. However, this can actually interfere with the power of the driver in a negative way and greatly increase spin levels, making for a club that isn’t very forgiving for the average golfer.

With the RocketBallz Stage 2 driver, TaylorMade have built on the design of their original RocketBallz driver in a way that has actually moved the center of gravity forwards. The results of this shift appear to be very positive, according to Olsavsky and the company’s testers. The new driver is effectively capable of providing golfers with shots that go higher and spin less, meaning that the Stage 2 driver is certainly capable of boosting the distance of your drives. This increase in distance isn’t necessarily due to a boost in power, simply a higher launch and more accurate trajectory. In technical terms, the club is able to reduce the spin of a typical shot by around 300-400rpm and manages to launch the ball a whole degree higher than the original driver. These changes can translate to big results out on the green.

taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver reviews

TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver Models

taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver top view else has changed from the original RocketBallz driver to its successor? Well, the initial model actually came in two variations; there was a standard model and also a Tour model, with the latter having a deeper face and being a less forgiving club overall. Consumers were torn between the two models, with both of the designs having their advantages and disadvantages. Overall, both variants sold well but TaylorMade decided to scrap the idea of having two different versions for the Stage 2 driver, preferring instead to focus on one model that could be well-suited to everyone. This means that consumers no longer need to test out different models and worry themselves by trying to choose between them as the decision has already been made.

To justify the existence of a single model, TaylorMade have focused on the adjustability of this new club, allowing individual users to make certain changes to suit their games. The hosel of the club can be shifted into twelve different positions, which can drastically affect the height of a drive. With so much variability, there’ll surely be a position to suit any golfer. The benefits of adjustability are evident for the consumer, but also for the company. By only making one model of the Stage 2 driver, the team at TaylorMade has been able to focus on perfecting the club in every possible way.

TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver Design, Graphics and Look

taylormade rocketballz stage 2 driver club faceIn terms of the appearance of the club’s head, consumers’ opinions will surely be divided. The presence of various decals and graphics around the head may be a source of distaste for some, but the club has an image to fit with its name. The non-glare white crown is a nice touch and the graphics are actually designed to help you line up your shot while placing the ball. Whether or not this minor feature will be of great use to anyone remains to be seen, but TaylorMade have to be credited for using a graphic that can actually help to perfect your game.

Overall, with TaylorMade’s RocketBallz Stage 2 driver, we’re looking at a well-made club that improves upon its predecessor without dramatically altering the scene in any great way. The club is nicely-balanced and offers a good degree of forgiveness, helping to make your drives more accurate and powerful than ever before. It’s not necessarily going to boost the length of your drives every time, but it will help you to avoid any troublesome mis-hits. The addition of the 12-position hosel means that this club really can be well-suited for everyone, and little bonuses like the shot-alignment graphic attest to the attention to detail of TaylorMade’s designers. The decals might put some people off, but this is essentially a great looking club that performs excellently.

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