TaylorMade M1 Driver Review

Our TaylorMade M1 Driver Review

All of the big golf manufacturers are constantly trying to innovate and develop new methods and techniques to refine their ideas and make each and every new club better than the last. The folks at TaylorMade have shown a real commitment to crafting the ultimate driver: a club which balances both power and control in perfect harmony, resulting in the most enjoyable experience out on the course. Can the company’s M1 fit that description? Well, having tested the club out for ourselves, we’re inclined to feel pretty optimistic.

taylormade m1 driver user reviewsThe M1 somehow manages to feel familiar, while at the same time feeling like a club from the future. It’s comfortable and lightweight in the hands, despite being packed with the latest, cutting-edge technologies to provide the smoothest swings and the biggest hits. In short, it’s a miraculous piece of equipment that will be welcomed by a huge number of golfers.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the M1 is that TaylorMade has used its knowledge and experience to create it. The company has made use of materials and ideas from the past, but combined them together in brand new ways to forge a club that is truly special.

TaylorMade M1 Center of Gravity

The importance of the center of gravity (CG) in a driver cannot be understated. In order to provide the ideal CG placement in the M1, TaylorMade made use of a carbon composite crown to lower the CG. This helps to launch the ball higher into the air with each swing. At the same time, the look of the carbon fiber is truly striking and gives the M1 a futuristic style that we really appreciate.

A section of white titanium across the front of the crown also offers a nice contrast to the deep black of the carbon, and this helps to give the club a really impressive aesthetic. If you like the sort of designs TaylorMade has invented in the past, you will not be disappointed by this one.

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The M1 also features TaylorMade’s classic T-Track system. In fact, due to the use of carbon composite in the crown, the addition of the T-Track doesn’t actually affect the weight or compromise the performance of the club in any way. This system features sliding weights that move backwards, forwards and side-to-side.

Pushing a weight backwards allows for higher launches, while a weight that is pushed forwards allows for fade or draw. The side-to-side weight can be adjusted to move the CG left or right to suit your swing. We’ve seen this technology elsewhere, but it seems to work better than ever in the M1.

taylormade m1 feel and forgiveness review

Adjusting TaylorMade Weights

TaylorMade has taken an idea and perfected it, with nearly 300 different possible weight position combinations. Not to mention the adjustable hosel and variety of lofts and shafts that allow for thousands of possible adjustments. Essentially, all of this means that the M1 can work for you, regardless of your style, ability or experience. Often, golfers are forced to adapt themselves to a club, and that’s a surefire way to have less fun out on the green.

The M1 doesn’t want you to change your swing in any way. Instead, it wants to adapt to not only suit your swing, but to enhance it. In our testing, we were actually getting better-than-normal results with this club, without having to make any extra effort.

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It’s important to note that, in order to get the very best results with this club, you need to make sure it has been properly adjusted to suit your swing. Novices are encouraged to speak to professional fitters before buying an M1 and testing it out with different head lofts, shafts, hosel settings and more.

The last step is to use the T-Track system and move those weights around to find the right setting for you. It might take a little time to get going but trust us, fine-tuning this club is absolutely worth it in the end. The M1 can boost your distances and provide remarkable consistency when it has been properly fitted.

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TaylorMade M1 Feel and Forgiveness

Comfort is another factor to consider when using any club, and the M1 doesn’t disappoint in that department either. It feels great in the hands and provides a really satisfying sound upon impact, even on the odd mishit. Performance is also very satisfying, with this club offering a level of reliability that few other drivers can reach. Forgiveness levels are high in general, with a lot of power and distance being applied, even when you don’t hit the ball too cleanly.

As we mentioned earlier, the huge amount of possible combinations ensures that you shouldn’t ever have any trouble using this driver. In fact, if you do encounter any problems, it’s almost definitely not the club’s fault.
All of this means that TaylorMade’s M1 driver is the perfect addition to almost any golf bag.

Various settings can be adjusted and shifted to make this club work for anyone, from a seasoned pro with years of experience to a young novice making his debut on the local course. This club looks great and functions incredibly. It has a sense of style that is really pleasing to the eye and offers an overall golfing experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else. It’s the best driver to come out of TaylorMade’s labs and we simply have to recommend it to everyone.

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