Bettinardi BB Series Putter Review

In this week’s putter review series, we take a look at the latest from Bettinardi, the Bettinardi BB Series Putter. If you’re not familiar with this brand, don’t feel too bad, a lot of golfers aren’t, but there’s a number of interesting facts to learn about the company once you do a little bit of … Read more

Happy Putter Review

We’ve all been there, out on the course, having a pretty decent game, when you finally reach what should be a simple putt when we start to make a fool of ourselves. The shot goes off to one side, and you start to get frustrated, take the putt again, miss again, and get more frustrated. … Read more

Best Mallet Putters 2015

The Mallet Putters have come along way in terms of the stigma attached to them in the past of being used as ‘last resort’. However, nowadays it is no longer being thought of as a tool to be used if you weren’t good enough to use a blade. The reasons they are now the putter of choice for many a player is that they have really evolved and now come in multiple shapes, sizes and the all important playing characteristics.

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