Tips to Stop Hitting the Toe and Heel of Your Club

It doesn’t matter what type of golfer you are, professional or amateur, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as hitting the ball directly in the center of the face of your club. There’s nothing quite like that satisfying resonance through your arms and the good solid sound of the ball taking off. But for a lot of us, that particular feeling and sound can be incredibly difficult to make.

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Basic Golf Swing Tips

There’s nothing quite like going back to the absolute bare basics when it comes to golf, and a foundation of good, basic practices can be exactly what you need to improve your game overall. A lot of tips that you’ll find online are exactly that, just reiterations of completely basic concepts. When it comes to … Read more

How to Make Long Putts

Golf seems the only game in which the field is your only adversary. Elegant, noble, devoid of violent confrontations like in some other sports, golf captivate people of various ages, who are looking for a quiet, strategic and perfectionist game. Maybe too sophisticated for some, this game is an important investment of time and money, … Read more