Srixon Z545 Irons Review

Srixon Z545 Irons Review

I came into this with the intention to write an honest review for the Srixon Z545 irons, but feel the need to preface this article by saying I currently bag these irons. I have hit the Mizuno MP 53’s for the past four years, but this summer made the switch to the more forgiving Srixon Z545’s. There are a few reasons for this:

First, I needed more out of my long irons. I never felt confident from 170-200 yards with my MP 53’s, and prefer to hit an iron from that distance.

Second, these were the most consistent clubs I hit during my fitting. I hit a dozen-plus clubs, and while I enjoyed the Mizuno JPX 850 forged (came in expecting to buy them), Wilson V4’s, and Callaway Apex CF 16’s, I felt the Srixon’s were the best combination of forgiveness and distance and the long irons were a rocket ship.

Third, they are scalable with the 745 and 945 lines. While I likely will never own the Z 745 irons, I do see myself ordering 6 or 7 – PW in the 945’s. I mean, look at them.


Just some quick notes from my first 3 months with these: the lofts are strong, the clubs are long, and they are toe-to-heel forgiving. The feel is not what it is with something like the Z945, but I prefer the feel to my old MP 53’s, and, while mis-hits don’t sound awful, it’s obvious as hell when you strike the ball pure with these.

Okay, I’m done raving about these… almost. I think one of the things a lot of golfers appreciate about Srixon is they aren’t TaylorMade. I hit the M1 driver and fairway woods, so I’m not picking on TM… But Srixon is paying nobody to toot their horn. Back to the 545’s, obviously this is not objective, but in my eyes, the look is the best in the industry, and the V-sole turf interaction is perfection for a forged, game improving iron.

Our Full Srixon Z 545 Irons Review

We all know about the biggest brands like Callaway, Titelist, TaylorMade and Nike, but Japanese manufacturer Srixon has also been putting together a really impressive catalog of products lately. We decided to test out the brand’s Z545 irons to help you decide whether or not you should add them to your bag.

Club Head Appearance

srixon-club-head-reviewThe first thing that catches your eye about any golf club is its appearance, so before we get into the various technologies and designs of the Z545 blades, let’s talk about how they look. This set of irons features a sleek, minimalistic style, with plenty of smooth, clean lines.

Cleanliness is a theme that dominates the entire aesthetic of these forged blades, so if that’s something you appreciate then you’ll definitely like the look of the Z545s. The thing that really matters about a club is how well it plays, but appearance is still an important factor, so it’s good to see that Srixon nailed that aspect here.

These clubs may look fantastic, but that wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t play well too. Fortunately, the Z545s don’t disappoint. From the moment you hold one of these blades in your hands, you know you’ve found something special. Results and opinions will vary from golfer to golfer, but it’s hard to argue against the great feel these clubs provide.

Srixon Z545 Feel and Sound

At the point of impact, a thoroughly satisfying sound is produced, and the blades themselves seem to glide effortlessly through the air. No matter what sort of swing style you happen to have, you’ll feel completely in control when using one of these irons.

The bodies of these clubs have been forged from 1020 carbon steel in order to keep them lightweight. Meanwhile, the face is made of thin steel to provide extra power and bigger distances on your shots. The CG has been positioned quite low down, with the base of the head being relatively large.

This helps to guarantee that launches are satisfying and effective, blasting the ball into the air every time. If you have any trouble getting sufficient lift on those tricky shots, these clubs might be perfect for you.


Srixon Z545 V Sole – What’s The Big Deal?

One of the most important technologies in play with the Z545s is the Tour V.T. sole design. The V shape is immediately noticeable at the base of each club and is intended to help with forgiveness. In order to provide the best possible results, this V-sole works to offer additional leading bounce, while also managing to reduce the trailing bounce, giving you better control over your shots.

It also helps to lower turf resistance, letting the blade glide along smoothly to prevent any mishits. These clubs have been tested on all sorts of tough terrain and pass each time with flying colors. If you’ve ever had trouble making those tricky shots on rough ground, these clubs could be a big addition to your bag.

Club Head Shape

Most iron sets begin to change quite drastically from the 7-iron onwards. Usually, the 7 features a sharper toe, which quickly becomes much more rounded for the 8. In the case of Z545s, that doesn’t happen and the transition is far more subtle and gradual.

The sharp toe essentially remains throughout the entire set, all the way up to the wedge. The shape of it does, of course, change slightly along the way, but no massive adjustments need to be made from one club to the next. All of the blades feel familiar and useful in their own ways.

The smooth SUP10 faces of these clubs also feature laser milled patterns to offer the ideal amount of spin for a wide range of players. The grooves on the face of each iron help to increase the grip on the ball and guarantee strong launches with each hit.

Once again, this means that if your ball finds itself in a sticky situation, these clubs will definitely be able to help you escape. The design and shape of each head also seems perfect for dealing with the toughest turf.

The Z545s are clearly aimed at a broad audience and can work well for golfers of all abilities. High-level players will definitely appreciate the look, feel and strength of these blades, while the high levels of control and forgiveness allow them to be picked up and used by lower-level players just as easily.

With this set, Srixon has given us some fantastic irons that can certainly compete with some of the bigger names out there. We definitely recommend that you give them a trial run yourself. With an attractive look, fantastic playability ratings and proven versatility, these irons are a wonderful addition to any player’s bag.

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  1. I am 72 and my handy cap is between 9 and 10 and in very good health as I work out 3 days a week in order to keep my mind and body in fair shape for the years to come. I have been playing golf for 55 years and I am looking for another 10 to 15 years. My question is would the 545 or the 765 with a regular graphite shaft be the best for me. I am looking for feel, distance, and control. I do work the ball some with a little fade and some draw. I hit my seven iron about 158 to 165. I am going to a graphite shaft due to surgery on my left wrist. I still like the looks of a blade forgiveness, feel, distance and control. I have hit these and they do feel good, just need your imput. Thanks Keith Morris


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