Srixon Z 745 Irons Review

Srixon Z 745 presents the ultimate ball-striking iron, a compact muscle-cavity blade forged from soft carbon steel providing a smooth and responsive feel. The new Z 745 has the look, sound, speed, feel, playability that all players dream of. Z745 has a cup-face structure, titanium body and high-strength 6-4 titanium face.

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srixon-Z-745-irons-reviewInto the heel and toe areas, the face is thinned in to increase the ball speed. The clubs are adjustable for face angle, lie angle and loft . With the use of three adjustable weights, the clubs are adjustable for face angle, lie angle and loft.

The company also brings a “Dual Speed Technology” wich gives a higher balance, a heavier head and a lighter grip. Even if the head is a little heavier, they reduced the weight in the grip and raised the balance point in the shaft so that the club can swing faster and better with more speed to the ball.

Placed in the toe area, the tungsten weight offers more forgiveness in the long irons.

The muscle cavity marks a thinner topline and more compact shape that brings more workability. The ultra-soft 1020 high quality carbon steel used and utility heads, Z irons are extremely responsive and smooth at impact. With its 430 cc head and its beautiful shape, Z 745 iron is for players who prefer curve shots. The high balance point helps in amplifying the head rotation through the swing for more speed and power. There are 36 possible combinations of loft, lie, face angle and center of gravity due to its tuning system.

Introducing the Srixon Tour V

Srixon Z 745 also presents the new developed Tour V.T Sole that improves trajectory control and turf interaction. The “V” that is created by increasing the leading bounce and decreasing trailing bounce, reduces the turf resistance and tighten shot dispersion.

The placement of two different laser-milling patterns on the club face (one parallel to the grooves and the other on an angle) gives a more stable spin performance. This leads to more confidence distance control from every lie and in all conditions. The shorter irons spin is one of the most impressive featured on the market.

Thanks to the Srixon Z 745’s 430cc head with lower spin and launch, the Srixon Z 745 driver is designed for the better golfer. Probably not the most forgiving driver by design, z745 is forgiving enough for mid/low handicap players. The variable thickness face for helping the low heel shots and the big face make great features.


Features We Loved While Playing the Srixon Z 745 Irons

PLAYABILITY: Compact in shape, thin top line, the muscle cavity design offers good forgiveness The long irons fly high and straight; They are great for skilled players looking for the ability to work the ball with maximum distance and penetrating launch.

ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Shorts irons are very precise, directional misses are covered well; It may not look very accurate , but players are really pleased with its precision with the short irons and also by an overall accuracy.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Distance control is one of the best features. The process that places two different laser milling patterns on the club face, provides more stable spin performance and better distance control even from all different types of lies. Even the irons are longer than others that does not sacrifice the reliability.

FEEL:The head of Z745 feels perfect; soft and consistent, pleasant sensation on full and half shots. It has a muted sound that feels solid at impact.

LOOK: The Z745 model has a classy and elegant look with its black head with silver details, the full-scored-lined silver face and the matte and glossy sole finish, the longish appearance.

Features our Pros Disliked…

Some players say that they would love to see more distance out of misses. Others complain about the fact that they can handle shots as easy as they would like.

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