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How to Use a Rock Bottom Golf Coupon

Using your Rock Bottom Golf coupon code could not be easier. Simply click the coupon above that you wish to use, copy the code, and head over to From there, go ahead and navigate through their user-friendly website and locate the products you are looking for. Add the items you want to your cart, and click to checkout.

Once on the checkout screen that displays your shopping cart, scroll down to just under the items in your cart. You will find a box that read enter promo code or coupon. Paste our coupon code in this box and click ‘apply’. You should instantly see the discount taken off of your total. If this isn’t the case, we recommend checking to ensure you pasted the right coupon into the box, or trying one of our other coupons.

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Our Rock Bottom Golf Review

With so many different online golf retailers these days, fans of the sport can often benefit from shopping around to find the best prices and deals, along with the highest quality goods. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at Rock Bottom Golf, one of the most popular retailers in the business.

This brand has built itself up by offering affordable products and excellent customer service, so we’ll be investigating some of its most interesting offers and guarantees here today. This information should help you decide whether or not you should start doing your golf-related shopping with this particular company.

Who is Rock Bottom Golf?

Before we go into further detail on specific offers, let’s take a little look at the company itself. Rock Bottom Golf was started by one man who, according to the biography on the company’s official site, used to sell golf balls to fund his college tuition.

As he grew older, he decided to take the idea to a whole new level by buying old golfing goods from local country clubs and selling them on for a small profit. In the beginning, he made his name at markets and shows, but soon moved online to expand his business.

A brand that has built their name and reputation on having the best prices in the industry, many of our listeners probably recognize the Rock Bottom brand name from either our podcast or one of their ads on PGA Tour Radio.

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True Rock Bottom Pricing

Over time, Rock Bottom Golf has built up a loyal fanbase, with many people now associating this brand with incredibly low prices and excellent deals. The company itself was founded on the philosophy of giving people the products they want for the most attractive prices possible, and that idea has clearly worked wonders, with the brand now being very successful.

In order to offer such low prices, the company doesn’t employ a lot of staff and mostly deals with closeout goods. What this means is that Rock Bottom Golf won’t have the widest selection of golfing goods compared to certain other brands, but it will have some of the nicest prices you could ever hope to see.

Rock Bottom Golf’s Best Price Guarantee

This brings us neatly onto the company’s best price guarantee. It’s already exceptionally hard to find better prices with other brands, but if you do happen to discover that another company is selling something cheaper than Rock Bottom Golf, you can get in touch and have an instant price match. Not only that, you’ll also get a free gift card of at least $10 value.

This really is quite a remarkable offer and shows just how dedicated the Rock Bottom Golf team is to providing the best prices in the industry. Naturally, there are a few terms and conditions, for example the conditions of the items must match and discounted goods aren’t eligible for the guarantee, but this helps every Rock Bottom Golf customer to know that they’re always getting the best deal.

Where Do We Find Our Rock Bottom Golf Coupons

For the most part, our Rock Bottom Golf coupons come directly from the website and their marketing team. We work with them to ensure that Golf Tribune visitors receive the best possible price on the best clubs available. Between the already low prices at Rock Bottom Golf, and our unbeatable coupons, you can rest assured you are getting the best price on your new clubs and balls.

Our Rock Bottom Golf coupon directory is updated daily to ensure that the promo codes we offer are the best possible promotion for every purchase. From our free delivery coupon, to our club specific coupons, every discount has been verified to be the best available offer. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping at Rock Bottom Golf or GolfSmith, we want you to shop with confidence!

Refunds and Returns Policy

You’ll also probably want to know how Rock Bottom Golf company handles returns and refunds. Well, we’re happy to report that Rock Bottom Golf has a very sensible policy. If you do have any sort of issue with your order, you’re free to return it within a 30-day period.

The company’s site also allows you to easily generate your own return postage label, or you can choose to post the item in a different way, if you prefer. Either way, as long as the item hasn’t been used or damaged by yourself in any way, you’ll be granted a full refund for your purchase within 10 days of the item being returned.

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Introducing the Trade-In Cave

Another exciting service offered by Rock Bottom Golf is the brand’s “Trade-In Cave”. This service lets you get rid of your old or unwanted clubs, receiving a check or gift certificate in return. Every golfer knows the importance of buying new clubs from time to time, and it makes sense to sell your old clubs on, rather than leaving them to gather dust in the garage.

This is the reasoning behind the Trade-In Cave, and it’s a really smart idea. The trade-in prices offered by Rock Bottom Golf are very reasonable, and the company even offers an extra 25% on the final trade-in price if you choose to accept a gift certificate, rather than a check.

Again, there are a few terms and conditions to be aware of here, as there are with all promotions. You’ll need to make sure your clubs are in decent condition, and orders under $50 will require a $5 shipping charge. Aside from that, the process is incredibly straightforward.

The company’s site has a handy drop-down menu that lets you find the clubs you want to trade in. You can add them to your basket and choose between the check and the certificate. As long as your order reaches more than $50 in value, the company will pay for the shipping of your items.

Overall, we can say that Rock Bottom Golf has completely mastered its craft. If you’re looking for a budget brand that is able to offer excellent products and let you save as much money as possible, you won’t find many better than this one.

With its various guarantees, deals and promotions, Rock Bottom Golf is unbeatable when it comes to value. Due to its low prices and money-saving promotions, Rock Bottom won’t always have all of the latest and greatest products, but it’s still one of the best places to search for the golfing goods you need.