Puma TitanTour Shoes Review

Straight from our reviewer: Puma TitanTour Shoes Are the Coolest and Most Innovative Golf Shoes Ever…

Golfers all over the world are over the moon with excitement in the recent release of the new Puma TitanTour Shoes, an innovative product that uses an advanced technology that no man has ever imagined to see in a footwear brand.

Space Age Technology as a Shoe Innovation
The Puma TitanTour has used the Outlast Certified Space Technology as their latest innovation in the golf shoe design, the same technology being used by NASA to maintain a comfortable heat in its astronaut’s spacesuits. Outlast Certified Space Technology is designed to prevent moisture before it happens and uses a phase-change materials to absorb, store and release heat.

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Just how did Puma TitanTour used the said technology in their design development? Puma has placed the Outlast technology in the shoe-liner, thus it pro-actively prevents moisture and release heat from the shoes for the improved comfort and keep the feet at a regular, relaxing temperature throughout the rounds.

Introducing Puma’s Power frame Technology

Aside from its latest innovation and stylish look, Puma also designed the TitanTour to surpass the shoe’s performance to the highest level to meet every golfer’s expectations. To meet this requirement, the TitanTour also features the Puma’s Power frame technology which encased the EVA midsole. It uses an ultra-thin TPU midsole that provides light, flexible, stable and increased traction. Paired with its external TPU heel support, it helps increase the stability support during the golf swing.

Shoe Durability and Support

Inspecting the outsole of TitanTour, one would notice that Puma uses low-stealth cleats made from materials known as K5. The said material provides a long lasting resistance to wear and since it is jointly used with a secondary supplementary traction surrounding the cleats, it keeps the golfer’s foot firmly anchored. The shoes’ flex which is supplied by its grooves helps the foot to maintain a natural movement while getting the much needed support.

Power Vamp… TitanTour’s Additional Feature
One of the many features that golfers appreciate in the new TitanTour shoes is its sleek, stylish design. The upper part of the shoes is made of full-grain ultra-premium leather for a sophisticated look and soft feel. It also features Power Vamp across the forefoot to reduce stretch to maintain the built in stability of the shoes as it wears overtime. To further enhanced its comfort, TitanTour uses a Shape Lock memory foam at the upper and insole to give a customized fit feel and provides cushion to the foot throughout the game.

Stylish Colors To Fit the Cool Design

Keeping up with Puma’s stylish designs, the TitanTour features seven cool color combinations that golfers can choose from. It also includes the new Flash color way made from reflective materials that give the shoes a modern edgy feel. The other six color combinations are: Black-White, White-Vibrant Orange, White-Strong Blue, White- Gray Violet, Brown-Mustang and White-Black. This wide variety of color range can cater to every golfer’s taste and style.

Affordability: TitanTour and TitanLite
TitanTour is already available to the market since February 1, 2015 and retails at USD 220. However, for golfers who opt for a more conservative retail price, Puma offers TitanLite which highlight the same Outlast technology but for a lesser retail value of USD 120. Aside from the Outlast Technology, the TitanLite shoes utilize micro-fiber leather and a carbon rubber outsole. TitanLight provides a lightweight feel yet still provides the same support, comfort and durability as the TitanTour. TitanLite also features a six color combinations, namely: White-Chestnut-Black , White- Black, White-Black-Vibrant Orange , Limestone Grey-Steel Grey- Strong Blue and Black-White.

Overall, Puma’s TitanTour is being lauded by the best PGA golfers in the world. One of the most noted PGA players who represent TitanTour is Ricky Fowler who claims he’s been blown away by the shoes’ performance. He mentioned that the shoes provide the performance, comfort and support that every golfers need from a golf shoes.

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