Ping i25 Irons Reviews

ping-logoPing is well known for its i-series irons that provide amazing forgiveness. With each generation, they produce better looking, more forgiving irons. The latest version, i25 offers the look, performance and the forgiveness that every golfer is looking for. The i25 is certainly an evolution in the i-series, providing improved launch angles and the significant improved forgiveness. This model, with its little tweaks, is really suitable for a lower handicap golfer who has not so much time to practice and even to a mid-handicap golfer.

Ping i25 irons have a classic shape and a lovely sound. Compared with the previous i20, the new model has a bigger cavity, the soles are wider to increase the forgiveness. i25 gives the aesthetics, the performance and the forgiveness that every player wants.
You can buy it with $800 –steel and $1000 – graphite.


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Ping i25 Irons Pros

Playability: Probably the most forgiving iron in this category, i25 minimize the unwanted sidespin, optimize the launch and finds the way to get the ball to the target.i25 has a medium to high trajectory, it is easy to handle from a variety of lies and grasses, offering consistent and repeatable flight. I25 gives adjustability without unnecessary weight that can affect the design and the performance of the head. With this new model, Ping introduces a new series called PWR (Performance, Weighting, Responsiveness)

Accuracy/Forgiveness: The best feature of the i25 is the accuracy and extreme weighting. Some players find the forgiveness in the longer irons like a game-improvement club than a true golfer’s iron. The adjustable i25 driver is concerned with reducing spin and to optimize launch. The Tungsten weighting that Ping utilizes, has the role of lowering the CG and raising the MOI in order to improve accuracy and forgiveness. The Ti 8-1-1 driver offers a constant swing weight. The lowering of the CG provides a more intense flight ball and a decent angle for maximum roll. For better fitting, the head has a screw and the weights placed towards the rear edge of the driver helps in providing an increase in overall MOI in the head for better shots.

Distance Control: The support bars confirm a solid feel with distance control, CTP elevates forgiveness and touch shots are easy and controllable. The i25 is reliable on center and on off-center strikes and it makes easy to hit predictable lengths. The i25 is known for being a distance control for all abilities iron.

Feel: The i25 is well balanced and stable throughout the swing; very good sensation at impact. Even if it seems light, i25 is a very secure and balanced club. The head feels firmer that the others irons from its class. The ball speed is increased by the stabilizing bars in the long irons, while the wider bars in the short irons generate a lower ball flight to maximize control with a smoother feel. Centered shots feel amazing. With i25, players know exactly where the ball is hit, this feature making it perfect for those players who want to improve their ball striking.

Look: I25 presents a modern, thin, clean and attractive profile. The minimal offset, medium topline, square set up, assist in game improvement. The face, thicker in the center and thinner at the edges is designed to help the speed of the ball across the face. The clean head geometry and the foggy-chrome finish offer confidence to the player.The irons are designed to launch the ball high.

The sole widths are designed to deliver high trajectory and the best forgiveness. The accuracy is increased by the compacted mid-irons and wedges.

The topline is thick enough for mid-handicappers and thin enough for the accomplished players.

The branding and decoration of the cavity is very subtle.

Ping i25 Irons Cons

Some golfers don’t see many improvements from the previous i20 model and complain that it does not have an appealing look. Some say it has not so much playability and is more like a game-improvement iron. There are also some complaints about its responsiveness at impact.

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