Ping GMax Irons Review

Ping GMax Irons




Feel and Sound


Technology / Customization


Accuracy and Consistency





  • Fast and Long
  • Very workable, but also one of the more forgiving irons ever
  • Beautiful club head design
  • Balanced feel, crisp sound


  • Large club head is heavier than most on the market

Ping GMax Irons fit neatly into the category of super-forgiving clubs that are able to offer huge distance and plenty of control over every shot. The majority of players aren’t pros and therefore need to choose clubs that can help them to hit their shots more accurately.

If you want to enjoy your time out on the course and hit the ball sweetly as often as possible, investing in a set like this is a very wise move. Most golf fans have busy lifestyles and can’t practice for hours on end, so clubs like these GMax irons help you boost your technique without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time.

These clubs are actually the longest and straightest irons ever to come out of Ping labs. Making use of the company’s patented Core-Eye technology, the flexible faces of these clubs guarantee high levels of forgiveness and enormous amounts of power.

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GMax Club Speed and Shot Distance

Having tested the clubs out ourselves, we were very pleasantly surprised by the length we were getting with each shot. The CG has been modified to sit slightly backwards and very low, ensuring high launches and lots of reliability on every shot. The Core-Eye tech is actually able to provide an extra 5mph of speed on average per shot, along with an extra 8 yards of carry distance.

Those statistics are very impressive, but they don’t even tell the whole story of these clubs. The GMax irons are also able to add a bit of extra spin to your hits, ensuring that the ball settles nicely onto the green every time. Some people might be worried about losing some of their accuracy to make way for that extra speed and power, but you really don’t need to have any concerns.

These irons are still designed to appeal to a wide audience and improve the experiences of many golfers, regardless of ability or experience. You can also make your own little adjustments here and there to get the club working the way you want it.

Who are the Ping GMax Irons Best For?

If we wanted to get specific, we’d say that these clubs are ideally suited for golfers who have a little bit of experience with the sport, but fail to generate the sort of distance and speed they would like to. In the golfing world, it’s very common for players to have a great understanding of the game, and to have a solid swing, without being able to get the best launches and the biggest hits.

These clubs are made for those people. The creative process behind the GMax irons was built on the idea of crafting a club that could guarantee power and height, without compromising on control.

It all sounds easy enough on paper, but crafting a club that fits the description above is a lot harder than it seems. In order to make the perfect product, the Ping team needed to create irons with flexible faces, while also ensuring that each club had enough solidity to create those high forces which propel the ball up into the air.

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Ping GMax Club Head Design

How did they do it? Well, they took some good quality steel and treated it with heat to boost its resistance. The heat-treated steel can then be used in smaller quantities than regular steel, while still offering an enormous amount of strength. This allows the face of the club to be thin and flexible.

Next, the Core-Eye technology helps to provide flexibility, while a custom tuning port is also present to help the CG move lower down. The shape and size of the sole has also been carefully constructed to allow the club to glide smoothly across the ground.

Meanwhile, each iron in the set has been built in its own unique way. The lengths of the shafts can vary quite a lot from one iron to the next, and while this may seem jarring to people who are used to more consistent gapping, it works really well. The gaps have been carefully calculated to make each club feel unique and useful for its own set of circumstances. Finally, the extra long blade length on these irons helps each shot to reach even higher.

GMax irons are priced very fairly, with the retail price for regular steel-shafted clubs being around $121. For such high quality clubs, that’s a great price. The Ping team has to be commended for its incredible work on this particular set. The distances and launches you get with each swing are very satisfying, while the forgiveness and control levels will be welcomed by swathes of golfers.

To keep things simple, if you’re in the market for some new irons that offer the right combination of powerful technology, reliable performance, big distances and less mishits than ever before, these GMax irons were made for you.

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