Ping G30 Review

It seems that Ping cannot fail when it comes to manufacturing and then reinventing their game-improving drivers. The Ping G30 has been crafted with a lower center of gravity (COG) than previous models allowing for some increase in ball speed and some gain in distance the ball is carried. The COG is also further back and not as close to the face of the club thereby increasing the MOI (moment of inertia) which means that even on a mishit you will be hitting the fairway more often.

Ping-G30The Ping G30 also has the infamous Ping Turbulators on the head of the club; the small fins help increase the aerodynamics of the surface of the club’s head which in turn increases the speed at which the club can cut through the air. How do these changes really add up when you get out on the links? There are many pros and just one or two cons to this newer Ping driver model.

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Ping G30 Distance

The speed that those Turbulators help you gain translates into more distance. An extra mile or two per hour means up to 3-6 more yards in distance on your drive which can really shave a stroke or two off your game. The lower center of gravity means there is an increased MOI. Golfers know that this means more energy is available for getting that ball up in the air and then sailing down to the fairway. Basically, there is less spin on your drive which sends the ball a little farther as well. Who wouldn’t be happy to hit consistently longer drives? It is a distinct plus to any golfer’s game.

Ping G30 Forgiveness

Forgiveness means that when you have a mishit, when you do not strike the ball fully with face of the club, when the shot is less than perfect, when you slice it or get a little lazy you won’t have to worry about some horrible hook in your shot. All except the very worst strikes are compensated for with the G30. Sure, it might not be the shot you planned on making but this club straightens out those curves some and the ball mainly finds the fairway. This driver is one of the more forgiving ones on the market right now. For those who are chronic slicers it is an excellent choice. It is a great driver for improving accuracy and for consistently landing on the fairway.

Ping G30 Look

ping-g30-reviewsPing gets high marks in the looks department for this model. The Turbulators may take a bit if getting used to but they do really catch your eye and actually keep you very focused on the face of the club. Ping continues to use a black matte finish on the club head that really works and adds an overall good visual impression. Consider getting this one with the royal blue shaft for a really stand out look that seems to be all the rage at the moment.

Ping G30 Feel

Let’s face it feel is really up to the individual. The driver that sits well in your grip might feel too light or a little awkward in another golfer’s hands. Given that, the overall consensus is that the G30 feels good as it strikes the ball. It is a little loud but in a satisfying way that makes you think this one is going to be right in there.

Overall Playing and Impressions and Even a Con

First, let’s discuss the seemingly small complaint offered by only a few golfers who have tried this driver. Really, it’s not a big one. There are a handful of players who find the club a little too light for their play style. It just feels a little thin and light in the hands of a very small number of golfers. That relatively small negative aside, overall this is an incredibly good driver. It more than gets the job done and almost everyone who tries it finds at least one good thing to say about the Ping G30. It tends to keep all but the worst shots on the fairway and still allows for several yards increase in distance.

The Ping G30 feels great in the hands to almost everyone. It offers an interesting aerodynamic feature called Turbulators that are like little fins on a racecar. Those little fins not only improve your speed and distance, but they also help to draw your focus to the point of impact with the ball… yet another great way to help improve the accuracy of your shot. And those Turbulators add a sort of special superhero meets racing team look to the head of the club as well.

Even the latest colors are available to add some pizzazz to your golf bag. There is really no downside to at least giving this well-designed driver a try; most golfers will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

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