Nike Vapor Pro Irons Review

Nike Vapor Pro Irons Review
Consisting of three models – Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo, and Vapor Speed, the The Vapor Line provides the best combination of forgiveness, precision and distance. The new Vapor Pro’s design and technological advantage called “modern muscle”, incorporates tungsten plugs improving the CG location of the club by moving it closer to the center of the clubface. “The modern muscle” gives the best result when the ball is hit in the middle of the clubface.

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nike-pro-vapor-reviewsTiger Woods describes the new irons as “heavier hit” on the ball and the shot is more precise, especially in the wind. Also, he describes them as being more solid, more balanced and more consistent than the traditional blades.Modern Muscle provides power and precision.

Furthermore, Vapor Pro Irons present a carbon steel forged construction, slightly longer blade length in the long irons, more bounce that adds forgiveness through the ground, thin top lines and minimal offset. The classic look with a low-glare satin chrome finish is highly appreciated. The longer blade and one degree of added bounce gives more forgiveness through the turf. The high precision and third generation X3X grooves on a forged 1025 carbon steel chassis give more control of the spin and steadiness to the shots. The thin top lines and straight leading edges with minimal offset gives the best workability and orientation. The satin chrome finish is mostly preferred because of the glare reduction.

Nike Vapor Pro Playability

Nike Vapor Pro iron is made for those players who are tracking a lower, penetrating ball flight for better control and high end accuracy. The workability is dominant for high shots and lower trajectory. Shaping shot is easy and the thin blades get down to any lie and are supportive in picking the ball.

Nike Vapor Pro Accurace and Forgiveness

Looking for accuracy, The Nike Vapor Pro irons are extremely consistent regarding the reaction of each swing. With its head profile, balls hit the exact direction with the left/right spin dictating a small draw or fade. The Vapor Pros are extremely precise for the player that can handle them, like surgical tools, going exactly where you hit them.Workability for high shots and lower trajectory is prevalent. Iron is responding to the swing changes necessary to flight the ball.

Nike Vapor Pro Distance Control

The X3X technology offers an excellent performance on approaching shots. Distance is ordered by launch and contact area on the face of the Vapors Pro. There is almost no variance between strikes when hit the center of the face, traveling to the expected distances. Distance loss is dominant when the contact leaves from the center of the club face and the head design supports a miss closer to the toe.

Nike Vapor Pro Feel
Players love how the irons interact with the turf. It feels very easy to manipulate the shot shape and to be able to determine the way shout should be shaped. The feel of the irons is exceptional, very solid on shotsthat are stuck near the center of the face. The stability and forgiveness are excellent .The sharp leading edge, the well-balanced and easy swing features, makes Nike Vapor Pro be a winner.


Nike Vapor Pro Look

Nike Vapor Pro has a sharp, clean look and is very appealing to the eye. The modern muscle is highlighted by Nike logo. The font chosen for the iron numbering is elegant and the logo Vapor Pro is subtle. With its thin topline, clubhead, the longer blade, Nike Vapor Pro brings more confidence to the player. The brushed nickel finish gives an elegant touch.

The sound produced by strikes off center is unique. Instead of a high pithed click, a lower tone is produced instead, offering an audible difference between a great strike and mediocre contact.

Cons to Nike Vapor Pro

A deficit in forgiveness seems to be inside center moving towards the heel of the face that leads to distance loss and directional variance. Modern muscle technology offers solid feedback on shots, more on the two sides of center. Because of its design and a lack of mass behind the heel side, it has a weaker contact feeling wich leads to reduced ball speed.

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