Nike Vapor Pro Irons Review

Nike Vapor Pro Irons

For any golf player, the contents of your bag can make a huge difference to your success on the course. Every player has their own unique style of play, and it can take a lot of time, effort and research to truly find the right set of clubs to suit your game. Irons usually make up the majority of the average player’s set of clubs, being used for a huge variety of shots across a typical hole.

Today, we’ll be looking at one of the latest and most interesting sets to hit the market: Nike’s Vapor Pro irons. Retailing for approximately $1,000 and being made exclusively of steel, these clubs offer a good number of advantages to the average player, but really excel in the hands of a great player.


Developed for and used by pros…

Two of the biggest names in the sport of golf, namely Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, contributed to the development of the Vapor Pro, with both stars expected use these irons themselves throughout 2016. That sort of prestige certainly helps to give these clubs a high level of status in the world of golf, but how do they perform in general? Well, we’re pleased to report that these irons offer some incredible levels of playability and reliability. No matter what situation you find yourself in or which shot you need to make, these irons can get the job done.

Essentially, these clubs have been designed to appeal to a wide range of players, but are perhaps better suited to a professional rather than a novice. Advanced golfers will absolutely appreciate the weight of impact that these clubs provide, with Tiger Woods himself claiming that the Vapor Pro Irons provide more solid and consistent shots than the blades he has been using throughout his career.

Meanwhile, novice players are still able to see huge benefits in their game thanks to the precision and reliability offered by these clubs. To put it simply, almost any player should be able to enjoy success with these clubs and experience an impressive level of control over the ball. The slim blades are also excellent for sliding the ball out of rough areas.

So how are these clubs able to provide such improvements? Well, a big part of the technology powering the Vapor Pro irons is a very delicately balanced center of gravity. Nike calls this technology the “modern muscle” and it involves the use of tungsten plugs to keep the CG right in the center of the face. In other irons, the CG is more commonly found near the hosel.

What this technology does is to ensure that, if you manage to consistently hit the ball with the center of the face, you’ll hit some truly incredible shots. At the same time, if you happen to hit the ball at a slight angle or don’t make the best contact, the club still provides an excellent level of forgiveness.

nike vapor pro iron technical specs

Club Head Design and Overall Feel

All of this adds up to a set of irons that can be very powerful in the hands of professional or highly skilled players. It’s no wonder that the likes of McIlroy and Woods are planning on utilizing this set in upcoming events, with McIlroy claiming that Nike listened to his input in order to make the clubs provide better consistency and a smoother feel for the player. Additional features of these clubs include a longer-than-normal length of the blade, which helps to provide a bit of extra bounce. The clubs also have carefully-etched X3X grooves and carbon steel construction for a solid feel in the hand.

nike-vapor-pro-designSpeaking of the feel, it’s worth mentioning that many testers have been very pleasantly surprised when gripping onto these clubs. The Vapor Pro irons offer the same feeling you’d get from a reliable and traditional blade. Their easy to grip and swing, with the moment of contact being particularly satisfying. Moving on to the clubs’ appearance, the Vapor Pro set is simplistic and attractive. These clubs aren’t plastered with flamboyant decals or futuristic patterns; they have a more traditional look with a smooth nickel finish that really adds a touch of class.

Overall, this is a set of irons that can be absolutely lethal in the right hands. Experienced players will fall in love with the Vapor Pro thanks to its solid feel and startling level of precision. At the same time, less-skilled players can still enjoy these irons. They offer a decent level of forgiveness and can really help to improve your game.

What’s more, these clubs are very easy to get used to and hard to let go of. Novice players may struggle to adapt to this set, but if you have the ability to truly handle these clubs in the right way, then the benefits offered by Nike’s new CG technology are very impressive.

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