Nike Converge B1-01 Counterflex Putter Review

Nike Converge B1-01 Counterflex Putter Review






Technology / Customization


Accuracy and Consistency



  • Couterflex system is a true innovation, you will love this system.
  • Putter looks phenomenal, which is not a surprise... it's Nike.
  • Feels great in your hands, consistent stroke, very well balanced.


  • While the putter is balanced, you will have to tweak the counterflex system to get the most out of your putter.

The Nike Converge B1-01 Counterflex putter attempts to combine a classic appearance with today’s technologies to create a club that will suit veteran golfers playing the modern game. The club performs well and has an attractive appearance. It also makes excellent use of CounterFlex technology to give you even more control over your shots by dynamically shifting the center of gravity of your putter. This, combined with many other features and neat little bonuses, helps to make the Converge B1-01 Counterflex putter one of the finest on the market, but is this club really for everyone? Let’s take a look at the features and qualities of the club to see how impressive it really is.

One of the highlights of the club is its use of Counterflex technology, a very impressive innovation from Nike. This system effectively grants you greater control over every swing you attempt through the use of a weighted rod. This rod can be shifted around, effectively moving the club’s center of gravity to suit your own style of play. This sort of stability cannot be underestimated, and the Counterflex technology really helps the B1-01 putter stand out from the crowd.

Golfers of various styles and abilities will be able to shift the weighted rod to the ideal position for their own individual game, rather than being forced into testing and purchasing multiple clubs. This technology will save you time and money in the long-run, and allows you to continue using the same putter, even if your style of swing changes over time.


Nike Converge B1-01 Feel, Balance and Stability

To increase the stability of your shots even further, the putter has been equipped with a set of head weights. These weights help to keep your strokes steady and well-aligned, preventing any unfortunate mishits. The perimeter is perfectly balanced with this addition and the center of gravity is optimized even more impressively. Testers of the club have reported seeing less spin in their shots and more consistent putting overall.

The club simply cannot be faulted for its accuracy and forgiveness; the various technologies and stability-boosting features at play combine to create a putter that offers and excellent experience to the player. It might take some time to set up the Counterflex system to perfectly suit your game, but once the necessary adjustments have been made, putting will be a breeze.

Nike Counterflex System: The Good and Bad

However, we have just touched on one of the downsides of this club. The Counterflex system, for all of its merits, is not automatic and will involve some manual adjustment and testing. However, this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem to the typical golfer, especially when the rewards of proper adjustment are so impressive. Even without the Counterflex technology, Nike have added in several additional features to improve the level of control offered to the golfer.

Nike’s famous golf balls make use of RZN technology, which involves a special material with an interlocking design being placed on the outside of the balls for better speeds and more stable travel. This technology has now been applied to the B1-01 Counterflex putter, with an RZN layer added to the face of the club. Testing of the club has shown that this addition helps to make the club even more forgiving, with tighter putts than traditional clubs. This one, relatively simply feature can make your shots more accurate and tighter than ever before.

Introducing Return to Square

nikemethod-converge-counterflex-putter-viewThe Converge range of putters is also making excellent use of Nike’s “Return to Square” system, which essentially helps golfers to identify the perfect club for their swing. As the name suggests, this system can aid you in finding a club that will be square at the time of striking the ball, offering additional forgiveness. One final feature to boost stability is the insertion of RZN grooves on the putter which help to keep the ball moving in a straight line. The intense red of Nike’s RZN material adorns a decent amount of the putter’s head, which brings us onto the appearance of the club, which is very tasteful. A club’s look will be a subjective matter and opinions will differ from golfer to golfer, but it’s difficult to really criticize Nike’s design for this putter. The mixture of red and black offers a modern look without being excessively technical, and the club has a matte black finish to prevent any glare. The head is of quite a large size, as is the club’s grip, both of which demonstrate the forgiveness of this putter, but it has an attractive design overall, with a nicely-balanced fusion of modern and traditional styles.

With the Converge B1-01 Counterflex putter, Nike have crafted a particularly impressive club, offering high levels of forgiveness and plenty of customization. This is a putter that can be well-suited to a wide range of golfers. It has a look that is striking, without being too flashy, and offers a feel that will be widely appreciated. The weighted Counterflex technology may take some time to set up and will pose problems if configured incorrectly, but it offers plenty of benefits to golfers who take the time to test out the various settings available. This club has to go down as one of the finest putters available, with its wide array of stabilizing features helping you to play your natural game with a new level of freedom.

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