Mizuno MP-H5 Irons Review

mizuno-logoMizuno’s legendary line of Grain Flow Forged MP irons are very well known for their high quality, and performance. With more than 70 years of forging expertise, Mizuno offers us the finest forgings in the world, with the uniform, tight grain structure for an incomparable feel. More than this, Mizuno applies some of the most advanced scientific processes such as Harmonic Impact Technology and Modal Analysis in order to improve the sound at impact. The Mizuno MP irons’ aim is to ensure that players, from amateurs to professionals, will not only reach their potential but even to exceed it.
Mizuno MP-H5 Irons

The ‘Hollow Construction’ concept utilized in the MP-H5 is a reaction to the requests of modern course layouts. With MP-H5 the ball will fly higher, more controllable and sharper. The landings will be soft and will attack the challenging pin positions.Additionally, the Hollow Construction is also responsible for a deeper Center of Gravity all through the set for a high launch with controllable spin. The “launch forgiveness” while maintaining a thin top line and minimal offset, gives the player the control. Launch forgiveness makes MP-H5 one of the “hottest trends on the professional tours”.

Over the years, Mizuno MP offered the varying degrees of unforgiveness, the beautiful look and the control when shaping shots.

The MP club is known for being suitable for category 1 players who can hit the middle of the club.

MP H5 Iron gives more speed and higher launch, the trailing edge of the sole is slightly arched, allowing the sole to play thinner than it looks. The deep hollow head helps achieving higher flights. It is made to hit high, for long shots that land softly. With its short irons, MP-H5 have forged carbon steel bodies with stainless steel back weights and powerful maraging steel face inserts. From all MP irons, MP-H5 are designed for more performance.

You can buy MP-H5 at the price of 1,000 $ – steel and 1,100 $- graphite and only right handed available only.

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Mizuno MP-H5 Irons Pros

The 3- through 6-irons have stainless-steel bodies, maraging steel face inserts and wide soles for a low, deep CG.

With MP-H5, the shots are much higher than other models in this category and the ball goes straight however you swing. The long irons of MP-H5 feels like Mizuno’sFli-Hi hybrids.

One of the most accurate, forgiving MP iron set ever made. You will have best, high and straight results, however you swing. MP-H5’s accuracy is very high. Because the forged head is longer it should be more forgiving. Generally, the proportions are kept intact, therefore, your eye will briefly adapt to the slightly enlarged size.


  • The MP-H5 guarantees a smooth flow of trajectory, feel and distance control and creates predictable distances consistently.
  • The long irons are perfect for those good ball strikers that want sharper landing angles.
  • MP-H5 comes with the belief that long irons are as easy to hit as short irons are.

The MP-H5 feels great at impact and through the swing. The club’s balance and the weight keep you down during the shot. Receptive feedback of the face is given by the short irons. On touch shots, the face keeps the ball a long time.

A beautiful and elegant set that makes without any effort the transition from short to long irons. The MP-H5 is made to inspire confidence, keeping at the same time the characteristics of a player’s club. The topline is thinned down compared with the previous models and looks like a more playable iron. The MP-H5 was designed to deliver a controllable but higher ball flight and soft landings to those challenging pin positions. With its medium topline, the progressive offset and the beautiful satin chrome finish, MP-H5 is a high class, gorgeous set.

Hollow Construction delivers a deeper Center of Gravity (COG) throughout the set for a high launch with controllable spin. The MP-H5 with its thin top line and minimal offset achieves the “launch forgiveness” that gives to the better player the control needed.

Cons to Mizuno MP-H5 Irons Review

Some players say that the fully hollow long irons are more like hybrids, the club head is larger and the shorter irons have larger faces than the traditional blades.

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