Mizuno MP-15 Reviews

Most golfers dream to have in their set of clubs a Mizuno MP-15. These clubs are used for different types of shots. The clubs are at the player’s discretion, depending on the desired distance and many more aspects of the game. Mizuno MP-15 is often used due to its high playability, being one of the first choices among golfers.

From the Better-Player Irons category, the price for Mizuno MP-15 is $1000 for a steel set and $1.100 for a graphite one. The latest clubs from Mizuno, Mizuno MP – 15 are probably the most desirable available on the market. And what you’re getting with these Mizuno MP-15 is first of all the classical look you always get with Mizuno irons. You will enjoy a thin soft edge and a slightly compact look, more compact than the previous models.

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Feel of the Mizuno MP-15

mizuno-mz15-mp15-reviewYou will put your Mizuno MP-15 down by the ball and you will just think how much you really want to play with it. You would absolutely want to hit those irons. You can enjoy and feel the distance control, beautiful feel of the face, fantastic looking. Unless you are striking the golf ball pretty well, Mizuno MP-15 clubs are for everyone.

Mizuno MP-15 looks quite similar to the MP 59. Some golfers state that Mizuno MP-15 seems to be a mixture between MP 54 and MP 59. It has got MP 54 shape, but as the company says its 10% more forgiving than MP 54. So, you would definitely get a good ball strike if you are going to use Mizuno MP-15.

In terms of playability, Mizuno MP-15 is doing great, having a slight sole that advances workability, it is very easy to turn whichever way you want. Also, regarding its accuracy Mizuno mp-15 club is doing great in both, direction of the ball and distance of the shot. The feel of the shot is quite unique. Mizuno Company always excelled in this regard.

All these features are delivered with style in a very classical, yet modern look. The look you get with Mizuno Golf Company is unmistakable. As you are able to instantly feel how to hit the shot when you are playing with a Mizuno MP-15 club, you will be able to recognize immediately a Mizuno club when you see it. Technology and tradition go hand in hand with Mizuno MP-15 clubs.

Although some testers have some doubts about Mizuno MP-15 forgiveness ability, particularly from the rough, the overall opinion is that Mizuno MP-15 can be a great and reliable club if you know when to use it and, most importantly, how to use it. There are lots of golfers who are loyal to this brand.

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Where to Buy the Mizuno MP-15 Irons

You can buy your own Mizuno MP-15 clubs set on-line, you can even get a great deal, saving around $300, when buying from the Golfsmith company online store.

If you will visit Mizuno’s company web site, you will see that they are offering free shipping, when buying equipment worth over $75. Although Mizuno is a famous golf brand with lots of loyal golfers as customers, the Mizuno Company also offers high-quality running equipment and baseball equipment, fast pitch and slow pitch.

With Mizuno, everything is about Sports. Their policy is that everybody can transform their lives through sport. And their stated goal is to make the world a better place. The company is present on many on-line platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can stay really updated with them regarding the sport events available on your area. They are truly committed and basically the best at what they`re doing.
Back to the golf products they are offering, at their web site you will get assistance regarding the best Mizuno iron suitable for you.

Just go visit their Mizuno iron advisor, a four steps process. Or you can browse their on-line catalog. Once shopping at them, you can leave a feedback for the product on the web site, you get to track your shipment, check the inventory for a specific set of clubs and check the order status and history. You can also subscribe to their newsletter box.

Finally, let’s make a short recap of all the advantages Mizuno MP-15 has to offer:it is for 0- to 8-handicappers, more forgiveness, more help on misses, more mass high, a multilateral carbon steel head, great design, similar size to MP-59, the scoring clubs more like MP-64, identical sole to MP-64. Overall, a mixture of the best assets available at Mizuno.

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