Mizuno JPX 900 Irons Review

Mizuno JPX-900




Feel and Sound


Technology / Customization


Accuracy and Consistency





  • Clean design, great finishings, blade-like lines.
  • Classic soft Mizuno feel and sound, best in class.
  • While not top in class, given the feel these clubs provide, they are insanely long and forgiving.
  • Over 19 shaft upgrade choices for free.


  • One of the most expensive irons in the class.
  • Again, long and forgiving, but not the longest and most forgiving. You are buying these for because you can work them and will love the feel.

Details of our Mizuno JPX 900 Irons Review

Earlier this year, Mizuno launched an exciting new addition to its JPX line. The 900 range actually comes in three different forms, with each one being tailor-made to suit players of certain skill levels. We have the JPX-900 set, the JPX-900 Forged set and the JPX-900 Tour set, with the latter being aimed at advanced and professional players.

This is the broadest range of irons the Japanese manufacturer has ever made and we’ve been very impressed by what we’re seeing so far, with the entire JPX 900 range being designed to offer big distances and satisfying performance.

Each of the three lines is made up of different materials and technologies, but they’re all dedicated to distance. If you want to get the best results from your irons and feel like you need a bit of additional power, this could be a great set to choose. It’s good to see Mizuno expanding its catalog in such a way and trying to make a product that can appeal to such a broad audience.

David Llewellyn, the brand’s Research and Development Manager for the USA recently said, “Prior to 2010, we were really known as primarily a better-players iron brand, but the JPX line really has allowed us to break down some barriers. We’ve shown some steady improvement in making irons that get through to that broader segment of the market, and the JPX-900 line I think shows more of that steady improvement, as well as some real leaps.”

Llewellyn certainly has a point. Mizuno has developed a bit of a reputation for being one of the more premium and exclusive brands, with a catalog of goods aimed primarily at highly-skilled players, but the JPX-900 represents an important new step for this manufacturer, making Mizuno products more accessible than ever before.

JPX-900 Review: Simple Yet Advanced

The regular JPX-900 line is the best proof of this, with its relatively simple but effective design sure to be a big hit with casual players looking to improve their game. The JPX-900 irons are made from a single-piece casting, offering the same sort of results you’d expect with a cupface or insert, without over-complicating things.

How did they manage to achieve such performance in such a relatively simple design? Well, they used a special steel alloy known as Chromoly 4140M. This material has been used in solar cars and advanced bicycle frames. As the name suggests, this material is fabricated from a mixture of chromium and molybdenum. An intense heat treatment forges the alloy and allows it to maintain an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that the Mizuno JPX-900 irons can have remarkably thin faces, while still packing a formidable punch.

Llewelyn recently explained, “This steel allows us to get a full 360-degree, very deep undercut, which approximates the larger rebound area traditionally found in a welded cup face. We think not having to weld is a big bonus in terms of manufacturing and consistency.”

The thin, solid face is what helps to make these clubs so impressive out on the course, as well as providing a really satisfying feel and sound at the moment of impact. Meanwhile, the way in which the alloy is used also helps the hosel to remain flexible and customizable. Mizuno products are known for being highly-adjustable, and it’s good to see that tradition carrying on here.

Had the manufacturers chosen to use another kind of steel, it might not have been possible to provide so many different lie angles for the hosel. This means that you can change the settings of the JPX-900 irons to suit your swing and get the very best results and, once again, this helps the clubs appeal to a very broad audience.

Reviewing the Mizuno JPX-900 Forged and Tour

Having covered the regular JPX-900 range, let’s now talk about the JPX-900 Forged line. These irons feature a one-piece cavity back design and are made with boron-infused carbon steel. Why? Well, the boron allows the metal to retain its strength, even when forged in very thin slices. This reinforces what we already saw in the regular JPX-900 clubs; this range is designed to offer exceedingly thin club faces, while also guaranteeing high amounts of power. It’s all about efficiency, and the Forged line is exceedingly efficient.

The multiple-thickness face transfers an enormous amount of energy at the point of impact, with tests showing some startlingly impressive results. One of Mizuno’s club engineers, Chris Voshall, stated that “This a club with forgiveness and playability where you need it yet more compact where you need that, too,” and we think he sums up the Forged line perfectly.

Finally, let’s look at the JPX-900 Tour range. Naturally, these clubs are aimed at more advanced players and will probably be spotted in the bags of several professionals in the months to come. Once again, we’re looking at a one-piece design, this time made from 1025E carbon steel.

Mizuno’s staff players, including Chris Wood and Luke Donald, have had an influence on the design of these clubs, in order to ensure that the final product is appreciated by golfers at the top of their game. The Tour line features a narrow sole design and doesn’t have the same sort of forgiveness as the others, but can most certainly guarantee a lot of power when used in the right way.

Aesthetically-speaking, these clubs have a sleek, clean look, and it’s really hard to find any flaws in the design of the JPX-900 irons. All three sets have been made with specific crowds in mind, and they all seem to do an excellent job. The base range is perfect for the game-improvement audience, while the Forged line can fit perfectly in the bag of an experienced player. Finally, the Tour irons are simply outstanding and we can honestly say that Mizuno has done a great job here.

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  1. have only used in a golf simulator against my ping I20 but can assure anyone who is looking for the most consistent iron as far as distance there is no better stick on the market. control is up to the player. i tried Tm M2 , Callaway apex and the ping I200 . the ping I 200 are frikin great but the Mizuno JPX900 ARE AWSOME. Forgivness is there even on a toe shot. distance is a bit less than my I 20 but the feel is so much more. hope this review helps
    Thanks Mizuno
    mike windsor ontario Canada


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