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Jason Day’s game, tour rankings, winnings and world rankings all took a major leap forward in 2015, and this just so happened to coincide with some pretty major changes to what was in his bag. One of the great things about this sport is that you can use the same clubs that many pros are using, and despite the differences in your game and skill level, at least level the playing field when it comes to one major aspect of the game.

Day is sponsored by TaylorMade, so you will see his bag is made entirely of their latest clubs and technology. Outfitting your bag with this exact list of clubs, shafts and a couple dozen of the TaylorMade Tour Preferred balls would cost around $2,500. The price may seem steep, but if you take it club-by-club and address the areas of your own bag that need the most help first, you can start improving any area of your bag from $40-$699 for anything on this list.


Driver: TaylorMade M1 460 – 9 degrees

jason day witb - driver - 2016Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage S TiNi 70X
Jason Day is currently using the TaylorMade M1 460 driver with a Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage TiNi 70x stiff shaft. The M1 460 driver is sold at 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees, and Day uses his at 9 degrees. Day uses Mitsubishi shafts on his woods, and uses True Temper shafts on his irons and wedges. While we love this driver, we are yet to write our official review on it. Click the button below to read other golfer’s reviews and to check to see if Global Golf has a marked down lightly used M1 available.

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Fairway Wood: TaylorMade AeroBurner 3HL (16.5 degrees)

Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage S TiNi 80X
By now we all know what club a guy is using when we see the white head of a TaylorMade AeroBurner driver or fairway wood. Obviously Day hits with considerable power, so if we see him swing this club, it’s generally off the tee or very seldom on longer par 5 holes. For those of us who drive the ball under 500 yards, the AeroBurner 3HL is a great club and one of the better fairway woods we have seen over the past decade. Global Golf has used Aeroburner fairway woods for as low as $45 when you use promo code PGACHAMP.

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Irons: TaylorMade RSi 2 (2 iron), TaylorMade RSi TP (4-PW)

jason day - witb ironsShafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold X7
The TaylorMade RSi 2 irons were our highest graded irons of 2015, and we weren’t alone. In fact, 8 out of 10 iron reviews for 2015 recommended the RSi 2 irons as their choice for distance and forgiveness. By now you have hear the anthem for these irons, they are designed to improve your mishits without sacrificing distance. Like Haney says in the video above, make your misses better, and that is what these clubs are all about.

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Wedges: TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF (47, 52 ATV and 58 ATV)

jason day - witb - wedgesShafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400The TaylorMade RSi TP wedges generally come with Fujikara ReAx shafts which are great, very playable, but not Day’s first choice. I do love the True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts, and at under $40 they aren’t the cheapest shaft out there, but also aren’t going to break the bank. Unless you have shopped clubs in the past 6 months, the wedges themselves are likely something you have not had the chance to swing. However, there is a reason these are already finding their way into the bags of many of the top golfers on the tour. The control and spin you get with these wedges is unmatched and they just feel smooth around the greens.

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Putter: TaylorMade Ghost Spider IB Black Prototype

Jason Day is well known for using the TaylorMade Ghost Spider Prototype putter, and most golfers are familiar with this TaylorMade line of putters. However, this particular single sightline prototype putter is extremely rare (I believe to date there are 21 of them out there…). If you are looking to purchase one, your best bet is generally going to be Ebay, but there is obviously risk involved with buying a rare putter, with no warranty, that is likely to ship from Japan. If you haven’t seen the video below that breaks down the process of building this putter, it’s worth the two minutes to appreciate the craftsmanship that not only went into this putter, but that goes into each of the clubs on this list.

Ball: TaylorMade Tour Preferred X

One of the highest rated golf balls of all time. Boasting a tremendous design, soft feel, and TaylorMade technology throughout. With the SOFT TECH cover on the outside, and the REACT core inside, this ball is designed look, feel, and sound better than any ball you have ever hit. If you are looking to get just a little more spin out of your wedges, this ball may make that difference for you, it’s that well designed. However at $27.99 for a dozen, you may think twice about playing them around hazards…

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