How to Make Long Putts

Golf seems the only game in which the field is your only adversary. Elegant, noble, devoid of violent confrontations like in some other sports, golf captivate people of various ages, who are looking for a quiet, strategic and perfectionist game. Maybe too sophisticated for some, this game is an important investment of time and money, whose satisfactions are obtained only by perseverance and patience.

The putter clubs are used on the green, offering the needed precision to run the ball toward the hole. It is a subtlety and a special club, since it`s the club handled for the final kick of the green. The drives makes the show, but the putter makes the difference and brings the victory. So, a question that is present in every golfer’s mind is how to make long putts?

Breaking Down Long Putts

They say running the ball with the putter is a game itself; therefore, as a game, it involves many challenges. With this final shoot one meter seems to you as one kilometer. When playing golf, the victory’s joy or the sadness of the defeat can be only few centimeters away. In order to make long puts, ii is not the physical strength that matters, but the focusing, which is the key-element to a putter shoot, even though the ball is very much close to the whole.

The putter has a shape of an upside down letter “T” and it’s the hardest club from all the clubs (weighs 450-500 grams). And you’ll have to be careful; if it breaks during the golf game you will not be able to replace it, as you cannot replace any other of your clubs. So, a very first step in order to make long putts it’s too pay close attention to your equipment, especially to your putter.

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Once at this point of the golf game, two paths are laying ahead you. You can either take the risk, by focusing on making the put, regardless the distance, or you can choose to be cautious, trying to bring the ball into a closer diameter around the golf whole. These two methods are different in a fundamental way. They are distinct paths to choose when having the same goal, which is victory of course.

While the philosophy for the first method is to play it safe, the second one involves a little bit of risk by an aggressive approach, but each of them has its own risk. In the first situation, you can find yourself regretting you haven’t tried your best with a direct shoot. In the second scenario you can blame yourself you didn’t had a more careful advance. Also, if you’re playing carefully, so called lag theory, even though you have succeeded bringing the ball closer to the whole, you will have to do your best to avoid three-putts.

Anyway, golf putting instructors and valuable golfers exchanged views on this subject and they established a three safety steps, which are in their opinion the best action to make long putts.

make long putts

Consistency is King

One action is to maintain your rhythm when playing. Basically, play all the putts, long or short ones, following the same pattern. Just make small adjustments, such as placing your feet a little wider on a long put and simply over-shoulder-width. An important thing is that the ball must be kept in the same front-center of your position.

Another way to make long putts is to perform a lengthy easy stroke. Proceeding in this manner, will help the head of the putter to be little influenced by the longer back swing. Your wrist will respond to the heaviness of the club, resulting little contact.

Again, you can make long puts by divided them into three distinct moments, with their own key-element and strategy. First moment is the starting line, in which the essential aspect is the minimal break. After that, another critical moment, in which the fundamental thing is the fact that the ball reaches the apogee of its curve. The third part, with major maximal break and the slowest rolling for the ball.
Of course, a good distance control always helps. And you can achieve a good one by practicing a lot. Good distance control means a better chance for you making long puts.

Additionally, a good thing to do is to follow your intuition. Some of the best golfers feel the game and they know in a very natural way to react on each shoot. All these top golf players have in common one thing: they listen to their intuition.

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