How to Hit the Golf Ball 20 Yards Farther

Many of us we love to play a friendly golf game with our golfer friends and every time we do our best to win. It doesn’t matter if the stake of the game is a cold beer or a few dollars, nothing compares to the feeling on winning a game on green. And for that reason, here are some tips, which will help you hitting the golf ball farther.

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If you manage to perform some fair moves – like hitting the ball without putting any pressure on your wrist, some golfers even break their wrist, or keeping you head straight when swinging your body, it means you already are a very good player and you play golf pretty well. So, one very first tip in hitting successfully further the ball is to start slowly each swinging move, without moving your wrists.

You will have to move yourself as one-piece, as they use to say. Starting a movement in this manner will allow your entire body to be involved in the game, from feet to shoulders. Keep practicing this move for the first 25 centimeters of the golf route and you will basically gain all the balance needed to perfectly hit the golf ball.

Having good balance is always a plus in terms of flexibility. In order to be a great golfer you need to increase your flexibility to its maximum potential. This is one aspect that escapes to most beginners. They are focusing on hitting the ball harder, when they really should be more careful on their body`s position. Another great thing you can do to increase your performance and achieving the winning position is to watch professional golfers.

Pay enough attention to their body, the way it moves and you will soon see how they shoulders turn at a 90 degrees. Maybe you’re wondering what’s the secret to this kind of flexibility. You are about to find out that most of the professional golfers spend most of their time in the gym, giving a great importance to their flexibility.


Learn to Lead With Your Hips

Hips are another part of the body, which plays an essential role in hitting properly a ball. If you will learn to lead them all you might even be able to hit the golf ball 20 yards farther. Also, keep in mind that you’ll have to increase the swing speed. Try do otherwise and you will convince yourself how inefficient can be hitting a golf ball without moving them. If you will lead with your hips, you will get the best chances to increase the speed for any swing. Only after these actions, your hands turn will come. This is in fact a known in golf as the “torque” meaning the counteraction between your upper part of the body and your lower one.

Keep practicing yourself this position in order to accommodate your body with this golf position. Although it may seem slightly forced at first, your body will soon follow your mind, acquiring quickly and in a natural way this move. You will have to be aware of the fact this is a long time mission. It may lead to frustration sometime, but the main thing is to never give up and have confidence that you will succeed sooner or later.

It’s all In the Details

There are other details on which you will have to pay attention. But learning their secret will definitely improve your golf technique. For instance, when performing a back swing movement, if your body is turning right, try to counteract the movement by returning. This move makes it difficult to correct the putter’s head. It is also advisable to stay above the swinging ball while moving backward.

The best way to do this is to center your weight on your left foot when you start the hit. At the same time you should feel a slightly pressure down the inside of the right foot. Make sure you will not put all the pressure on this foot. Also, if you raise your body when you swing back, in order to return to the initial position you must always descend posture. So, keep that in mind and stay above the golf ball.

Powerful hands are preferable when playing golf. A perfect squeeze of the golf club requires strong hands, especially in the last three fingers on the left hand. To gain more force in those fingers, try to strongly squeeze the wheel for 10 seconds every time you drive. This exercise will help you more than you can imagine.

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