Golf Pride MCCPlus4 Golf Grip Review

Golf Pride MCCPlus4 Revolutionizes Golf Grip
Golf Pride is one of the leaders in golf grips and is widely used on all professional tours in the world. It is also one of the leading innovators of golf grips and trusted by many professional golfers in the world. Just recently, it expanded its product line this 2015 to include the new Golf Pride Multi compound MCC Plus4 to its growing New Decade and Whiteout series. This features the same all-around performance of the original MCC group and is using the same upper and lower hand design. However, the MCC Plus4 is designed to have a larger lower portion to effectively increase the grip size.

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Since its availability in the market, the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 has quickly become one of the most sought after grip preference of professional golf players. MCC Plus4 encourages a lighter grip pressure, reduced tension and increased power of the swing speed. It is designed to improve performance and feel of golfers at all skill levels.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4: A Result of Extensive Tests

The MCC Plus4 is the result of extensive studies of Golf Pride through tour input and testing. These studies yielded a conclusion that more than 70% of the pro golf players prefer a slightly larger lower hand grips to enhance their swing speed and reduce the tension at the lower hand. As Brandon Sowell, Global Director of Sales and Marketing at Golf Pride puts in, 80% of pro golfers trusted their product, thus they were able to gather enormous body of data which they have used to build their MCC Plus4 as a new product innovation.

Significant Innovation of MCC Plus4
But what does Plus4 exactly mean? The MCC Plus4 has 4.6% larger outside diameter equivalent to 4 layers of wraps at the lower hand and a less tapered shape. The larger lower hand promotes a lighter grip pressure to create less tension in the hands to increase fluidity and power during the swing. Lighter grip pressure increased the swing speed during the game.

Brush Cotton Technology Increases Stability

The MCC Plus4 also features two uniquely built in compounds to generate a two-grip in one feel. It uses an a soft compound with known as the brushed cotton technology to build up stability at the upper hand. The upper section of the grip centers on a different performance advantage required for the upper hand. The micro-texture is placed strategically for traction and feel and it promotes all weather performance, keeping the grips dry and maximizes traction for stability. The use of this brushed cotton technology thus creates a combination of a soft-feel within a cord-like performance.

Soft Rubber Materials Enhances Feel
The lower hand uses an enhanced soft rubber material to enhance the grip and pressure. The lower hand is made to be 20% softer than the upper hand to support a consistent grip and an increased in swing power. The strategic texture placement is designed to draw moisture away for an enhanced control and ideal for maximum hand coverage. It also features a transition area wherein the upper section and lower hand section meets. This hybrid transition area helps the lower hand fingers of the golfer to wrap around the softer material entirely while the upper hand remains firmly in contact with the firmer cord section and creates an optimum multi-material performance.

MCC Plus4 in the Market

The MCC Plus4 is a tour-proven, hybrid grip that retails at USD 9.59 per grip and comes in three colors- red, blue and light grey. It weighs 52 grams, above five grams heavier than the New Decade MCC’s. It has a standard core diameter of .60 rounds. MCC Plus4 is visually appealing and stylish golf grip that can add a fresh new look to any golf clubs. The MCC Plus4 lives up to the Golf Pride standard of product innovation, versatility and dependability to which the brand is known for.

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