Golf Contests Now Available on Monkey Knife Fight

We see a common thread with most daily fantasy start-ups, launch with football and add new sports once a player pool has been established. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that when we surveyed our subscribers only 17% of them were even aware that Monkey Knife Fight offered fantasy golf contests.

Of that 17%, less than half understood how games work on Monkey Knife Fight and only a handful had ever entered a contest on the site. With that in mind, we wanted to formally introduce our subscribers to Monkey Knife Fight, with a brief explanation of how they are different, and perhaps better, than the traditional salary cap fantasy golf you find on FanDuel and DraftKings.

For the majority of you that are not familiar with what Monkey Knife Fight is, it is much closer to prop betting than traditional fantasy sports. On FanDuel and DraftKings, you are not only facing at least one other person, but the house is constantly raking between 10-17%. On Monkey Knife Fight it is always you vs the house.

When you enter a Monkey Knife Fight contest you are essentially going to be making a series of predictions for a PGA Tour event. For example, you could be asked to pick Justin Thomas or Justin Rose (-2 strokes) for the first round of the Masters. What this would mean is that if you picked Thomas, and he beats Rose on the day by three strokes, you cash on that game.

The reason we love this format for golf is that you do not have to research the entire field for a tournament. If you have a read or feel on one golfer, you can simply target him in your MKF contests and clean up if you are right. Again, this is very similar to prop betting on a sportsbook.

monkey knife fight golf contest types

Typical Golf Contests on Monkey Knife Fight

While Monkey Knife Fight offers dozens and sometimes even hundreds of different game options for a given golf tournament, there are really only two main game formats you need to be familiar with. Every golfer can be plugged into a matchup in one of these formats, with their total adjusted based on their projected finish.

For instance, if you wanted to take Rory McIlroy vs Robert Streb, you would likely have to give Streb around a half-dozen strokes. This works very similar to playing in a golf tournament with a handicap scoring system in place. Here is a quick overview of the two main contest formats on Monkey Knife Fight.

Rapidfire: These contests, as seen in the example on the left in the graphic above, are a series of head-to-head matchup questions similar to the samples given earlier. As you can see in the sample there are a number of questions they can ask here including the total score, the total number of birdies, or total par-or-better holes. In the example given above, if you were to get all three Rapidfire questions correct you would win 3x your entry. You choose your entry fee ranging from $1 to $100.

More or Less: The second sample contest shown above is geared towards one golfer in particular. So, in the example given you would answer if you think Jordan Spieth will get more or less than 4.5 birdies on the round, if Dustin Johnson’s total strokes will be more or less than 69.5 for the round, and if Kevin Kisner will score more or less than 14.5 total holes at par-or-better. Again, you choose your entry fee and the total payout is 3x whatever your entry is.

As an additional option for every contest, you can choose to win a lesser amount if you miss one of the questions. So rather than win 3x your entry, you could choose to win 1.5x if you answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly.

As we mentioned earlier, there is little difference between any of these Monkey Knife Fight games and parlaying or teasing a series of prop bets together on a sportsbook like MyBookie that allows you to do so. The biggest difference is that MKF is legal in the majority of US states. We strongly urge you to visit if you think you might have a gambling problem or if you are unaware of what signs to look for if you or someone you know may have a problem.

how fantasy golf works on monkey knife fight

FAQs About Monkey Knife Fight Fantasy Golf

All new things are difficult and Monkey Knife Fight is no exception. While their games are extremely straight-forward and the company itself is as trustworthy as you will find in the DFS or sports betting industry, you of course will have questions and there is, of course, a learning curve. Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive about fantasy golf on Monkey Knife Fight.

Is Monkey Knife Fight a legit company?

Yes, Monkey Knife Fight is 100% legit. It is a well-funded, well-respected company, that is already trusted by hundred of thousands of fantasy players across the country. Additionally, MKF recently acquired the entire FantasyDraft player pool when they bought out the company in September of 2020.

Does Golf Tribune have a Monkey Knife Fight promo code offer for new players?

Yes, Golf Tribune has an exclusive Monkey Knife Fight promo code for our subscribers. Follow the link here to view all the details for this offer as well as the current terms attached to an MKF deposit bonus and fee game offer.

How do deposits and withdrawals work?

You can make your initial deposit on Monkey Knife Fight using your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Expres, or PayPal account. Withdrawal requests are processed quickly using PayPal. In our experience, the typical turnaround time on withdrawal requests has been 1 business day and deposits are always made available immediately. Bitcoin is not yet accepted on Monkey Knife Fight.

What sports are currently available?

In addition to golf, Monkey Knife Fight offers contests for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, and several eSports. Because of their quickly growing player pool, MKF has been more aggressive than most fantasy startups in terms of adding new sports.

Are there any terms and conditions a new player should be aware of?

As with most daily fantasy and sports betting websites, you are agreeing to certain terms and conditions when you open your Monkey Knife Fight account. They will verify several of these before you are able to make your initial deposit including age and location. If you do use our promo code and receive a deposit bonus, those funds will need to roll over at least twice prior to being eligible to withdraw them.

2 thoughts on “Golf Contests Now Available on Monkey Knife Fight”

  1. It seems like there is a ‘new way to play fantasy’ every few months. IMO legal sports betting can’t get here soon enough. In the meantime, I have had the most luck playing on DraftKings and Monkey Knife Fight. FanDuel for whatever reason has been a struggle and I am yet to try Yahoo’s golf (although I do play season long football there). Of everything I have tried, I prefer Monkey Knife Fight’s format but focus more on total scoring that holes par or better, birdies, and things like that.

    • Hey Janet! We love MKF too, but it’s hard not to flirt with the idea of the million-dollar top prize DraftKings offers for golf’s majors. As for Yahoo, it is very similar to FanDuel… if you are happy with DraftKings and MKF then don’t mess with a winning recipe.


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