Best Global Golf Coupon Offers for 2020

top global golf coupons for 2020

20% Off Coupon

Save 20% off any purchase with our best ever Global Golf promotional code. This is the top coupon we have ever seen at major golf retailer.

Free Shipping Coupon

Receive free shipping on any order of $199 or more. This coupon can be combined with other offers to save you even more on your purchase.

25% Off All Apparel

Save 25% off any golf apparel purchase with this Global Golf coupon. This coupon will only apply to the apparel items in your cart at checkout.

12% Off All Shoes

Save 12% off Global Golfs massive selection of shoes this August when you use this exclusive promo code. Save on brands like Nike, Under Armour, and FootJoy.


Save 20% or More With Our Global Golf Coupons

One of the most frustrating things about purchasing new clubs is the cost. However, when you take advantage of Global Golf’s extremely low prices, combined with our Global Golf coupons, you can save as much as 50% off the cost of new clubs.

One of the best parts of our game is that regardless of your skill level, you can use the same clubs the pros are playing. We are big fans of Global Golf, because they show you side-by-side pricing for new and used clubs and both prices are always extremely fair.

The used prices are similar to what you could expect to see on Craigslist or eBay, and once you apply one of the coupons above they often are below what you would pay if you bought the club used direct from an owner.

Compared to other popular golf retailers like GolfSmith and Rock Bottom, Global Golf’s coupons are very generous. On both of those websites, 5% off is likely the best deal you will find. At Global Golf, we currently have a coupon that will save you 20% off any golf equipment on their website.

free shipping offer for april 2020

Our Global Golf Review

Now, more than ever, it’s important to shop around if you want to save cash and find the best value deals. This is especially true when looking for golfing goods and equipment. There are many different golf retailers working online nowadays, with some being far more appealing than others. In this article, we’ll be investigating Global Golf.

We’ll take a look at how this company works and what sort of price benefits and guarantees it offers you as a customer. Should you start shopping with Global Golf for your own golf equipment needs? Read on to find out.

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Where We Find Our Global Golf Coupons

We keep this page updated with the latest Global Golf coupons by constantly staying on top of their marketing efforts across the web. This includes their social media pages, website and blog, their YouTube videos, product reviews, and by working directly with their marketing team.

Global Golf does a lot of things well, but what they do better than anyone else in the industry is keep their partners updated with their latest coupons. We get a feed of all of their promotions and active coupon codes, and then update this page with those offers. This allows us to guarantee our visitors that they are always getting the best deal on their purchase.

One interesting note about Global Golf is that they will allow you to combine two offers. You can’t combine two % off coupons, but you can combine a 20% off coupon with a free shipping coupon. So, you are getting great clubs, at an unbeatable price, then saving an additional 20% off with our coupon, and having the order ship for free. It’s truly the best promotion in the golf industry.

Who is Global Golf?

To begin, let’s look at an overview of the company. Global Golf’s official website got started a decade ago, in 2006, but the foundations for the company had been laid some years previously by founder Ed Byman. Byman put together a team of experts and originally started to sell preowned clubs online, primarily via eBay.

As the internet expanded and the golf industry grew, so too did Global Golf. Nowadays, this brand name is instantly recognizable as an industry leader. If people are in the market for preowned golfing goods, they will turn to Global Golf.

global golf promotionThis brand also puts a lot of emphasis on customer care and satisfaction. Unlike other big companies, Global Golf seeks to treat every customer as an individual, providing for everyone in a unique and relevant way. Despite being an online-only company, customers can witness a real sense of getting-in-touch with the staff and people behind the brand.

Global Golf sells both new and preowned goods, with clubs and equipment available for people of all skill levels and abilities. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Global Golf is currently classed as one of the primary retailers of preowned goods in the entire world.

Users of the site seem more than satisfied with their experiences. The company has received countless positive reviews, with people often citing fast shipping times, friendly service and top quality products as the reasons for shopping with Global Golf.

The company has also been given the Google seal of approval and continues to grow as time goes by. Boasting an incredible 50,000 clubs in stock at any one time, you can be sure to find something to satisfy your needs on the brand’s official site.

Global Golf has been led by CEO Ed Byman for nearly 20 years. Byman himself played on the PGA Tour back in the late 1970’s early 1980’s.

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Terms of Our Current Global Golf Coupon Offer

If you are going to use our current Global Golf coupon there are several terms and conditions that you need to be familiar with.

The first and most interesting note is that is the only online store we know of that will allow you to combine different promotions. Specifically, you can use both the 15% off coupon this April and the free shipping coupon to save even more!

Another item of note is that coupons can be used on sale and clearance items. Many shops will not let you use a coupon code when buying something that is already discounted.

The last item of note here is that you can use your Global Golf rewards points to help pay for your purchase. So, between the 15% discount, already industry-low pricing, free shipping, and rewards points, you are alway guaranteed to save money shopping at!

As always, Ping clubs can not be sold at a discount or even shipped for free so they are excluded from all Global Golf promo offers.

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Save More with Global Golf Rewards Program

In what other ways does Global Golf try to appeal to customers? Well, to start off, the brand runs an attractive rewards program, offering incentives to the most loyal users. It doesn’t actually cost anything to sign up for this program, which is a nice advantage.

After signing up, you’re able to earn reward points for various activities like buying products, trading-in your own goods, sharing news about the site with your friends, completing surveys or writing reviews.

These points can then be cashed-in for gift cards or discounts on various items. It’s a good system that certainly encourages people to buy items regularly and stay active on the site.


Global Golf Trade-In Program

In addition to using a coupon, you can trade in your golf clubs to save even more on your new set. Not only will Global Golf give you cash for your old clubs, but they give you more cash than any online club buying company we have found.

If you’ve got some old clubs lying around the home, you can easily send them off and earn yourself some credit to spend on some brand new gear. The trade-in prices will vary depending on the make and model of your equipment, but we found them to be very fair.

In addition, the site’s Trade-In Center is very easy to use, allowing you to find your clubs in an instant and add them to your trade-in basket. You’ll have to pay a $7.99 shipping fee to send off smaller orders, but that fee is eliminated if the total value of your trade-in reaches more than $100.

The company also runs a reliable return service. If, for any reason, you find yourself unsatisfied with your order, you can make use of the official site’s Return Center to seek a full refund. Items must be returned within a 30-day period after the initial purchase and, of course, the goods shouldn’t have been used or damaged in any way before being returned.

In general, people are very satisfied with their experiences of returning items to Global Golf, so prospective customers can rest assured that they won’t have any trouble should they need to send something back.

Global Golf Shipping Options

Finally, we have to point out that Global Golf offers a broad myriad of shipping options. Other sites often force you into choosing between one or two types of shipping, but this company lets you decide between a much greater variety. This allows you to potentially save some cash by choosing the Economy option, or spend a bit extra and have your goods the very next day.

Again, we’re pleased to see that Global Golf has thought about many different types of users by offering such a wide selection of options here. Overall, this company is capable of offering a huge selection of goods at affordable prices, plus a nice selection of services and guarantees, so we can recommend it for your own golfing needs.