Top DraftKings Promo Code for 2020 PGA Season

top draftkings promo code offers for 2020

Top DraftKings Promo Code for April 2020

Fantasy golf is the fastest growing segment of the daily fantasy sports industry, and nobody does it bigger or better than DraftKings. Our current DraftKings promo code is attached to their best available deposit bonus and free entry offer. Register this April and receive a $5 PGA entry into a contest that pays over $1 million in prizes!

draftkings free entry offer april 2020

Register Today for a Free Entry for the Next 2020 PGA Tour Event

DraftKings is Golf Tribune’s official home for fantasy golf, and for a limited time new players that register using our coupon code can try one of their daily PGA contests for free.

DraftKings has a lot to offer the avid golf fan and fantasy enthusiasts: the largest contests in the industry, the widest selection of sports, the most players, and the largest prizes in the industry. When you register using our bonus code code above you lock in a free $3 PGA entry that pays out over $100,000 in prizes.

This promo code is only available to new players that are registering at for the first time, and that make an initial deposit of at least $10. The $3 is a contest voucher that can not be exchanged for cash, but anything you win with it can be withdrawn immediately.

This is the top new player deposit bonus offer for 2020, and is updated daily to ensure our users always have access to the maximum bonus cash.

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Convert Your Golf Knowledge into Cash

If you can’t get enough golf, from the PGA tour to the major European events, DraftKings may be the fix you need. They offer fantasy golf contests that run the length of a tournament and will truly trust your understanding of the sport. There is golf year round right now, so you can enjoy fantasy golf on DraftKings year round.

Can you break down a course, a player’s statistics, and the aspects of their game and current form to predict how well they will play any given week? Put that knowledge to the test against other golf fans and win as much as $1 Million in a single tournament.

For a lot of these tournaments, the fantasy payout is even more than the winning golfer takes home! That is life changing money, which not only makes the fantasy action more interesting, but watching the golf more interesting.

If you happen to pick the right players in any number of games, you’ll make money instantly in which you can either withdraw from your playing account or keep for the next outing. The best part is our bonus offer will give you a free entry into one of the upcoming PGA tournaments.

If you are like me Fantasy Golf isn’t the only game you are interested in playing. DraftKings has a multitude of games to choose from. DraftKings’s easy to use website and app allows you to enter events and immediately start tracking your progress. Once you have an opportunity to work your way around the site you will become a quick expert.

If you have questions we can always assist. Our team of experts not only help you with getting the information to make choices on your favorite stars but can assist with how to get started questions. So don’t waste time get started having fun today with our panel of experts.

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How to Use Your DraftKings Promo Code

Using our current DraftKings promo code could not be easier. Simply head over to the DraftKings home page, and start by clicking ‘Sign Up By Email’.

Clicking this button will open the modal window showed in the graphic below. In this window you will enter your usual information including name, email, location, etc.

It is extremely important you give DraftKings accurate information, as you will need to verify your location before you can make a deposit or withdrawal on the website. Beyond simply providing an accurate name and address, you can only use a DraftKings promo code once and opening more than one account is strictly forbidden.

The last step in the registration process is to provide our DraftKings promo code. Once you have pasted the code in and click to register, you will be asked to fund your account. After making the minimum $5 deposit, your free entry will be immediately available in your account.

When comparing their promotions offer to the other top sites in the industry, it’s easy to see what makes DraftKings the industry leader. For example, our current FanDuel promo code is attached to only a free entry with plenty of terms attached to it.

Now that your account is open and funded you are ready to start playing on DraftKings. Your free entry and/or deposit bonus can be found in the rewards section of your account, along with your current FFP balance.

FFP are earned by playing games, so the more you play, the more free cash you’ll earn. This is key for first time users that wish to stretch their initial deposit for an entire season.


DraftKings Company Background

DraftKings is one of the leading daily fantasy sports (DFS) providers in the world. The company is based in Boston and was founded in 2012 by a team of ex-VistaPrint executives. Initially offering nothing but head-to-head baseball contests, the company quickly grew and expanded its library of games.

A series of huge investments and partnerships over the years have led to DraftKings establishing itself as an undisputed leader in the DFS industry. Nowadays, the site is proving itself to be a real contender for the title of top DFS brand thanks to its enormous and ever-growing user base, along with the incredible cash prizes on offer.

What our visitors are most interested in are certainly the golf contests, and the PGA Millionaire Makers. In these GPP DraftKings tournaments, the top fantasy PGA Golf team wins $1 Million. Quite the payout for a weekend of watching golf. Generally the Millionaire Maker tournaments for PGA contests only happen for the four majors, however, these aren’t the only large tournaments DraftKings offers.

Just recently, DraftKings announced that it would be launching a record-breaking $10 million tournament for the first week of the NFL season. In addition, the company has also forged some powerful connections with large enterprises and professional leagues like ESPN and the MLB. The site will surely continue to expand and grow in the coming years and its popularity is constantly on the rise.


How We Know Our DraftKings Promo Code is the Best Available

This a quest we often receive, so we thought we would address right away. We are currently using the Hello Rookie DraftKings promo code, and rely on their team to ensure that it’s the top available offer. Their staff works directly with DraftKings affiliate and marketing teams to ensure that they always have the top available promotional offer.

This is especially important for new Daily Fantasy Sports players, who need as many advantages as they can find to compete with seasoned DFS veterans. The higher your initial bankroll, the more games you can compete in and the better you can swing the odds of hitting a big payday in your favor. Get those starting line ups in today.


Tips for Winning More Fantasy Golf Contests on DraftKings

If you are looking for a place to play fantasy golf, maybe other than, or just looking to get into Daily Fantasy Sports, then DraftKings is the our recommendation. DraftKings was the first major daily fantasy website that offers PGA contests. Playing fantasy golf on DraftKings is simple, scoring is straight-forward, and entering contests and collecting your winnings couldn’t be easier.

One of the most common questions we receive regarding DraftKings is if DFS is legit and if they actually pay out winnings. This is an industry that is quickly becoming one of the most regulated in the United States, and you can bet that every dollar in your account is available to be withdrawn at any time.

So we know you are likely wondering how ‘Fantasy Golf’ works. The same concepts as fantasy football, you get a certain number of points for birdies and eagles, a certain number for taking 1st-50th, and then lose points for bogeys, double-bogeys, etc…

You also receive points for streaks, so if a golfer is capable of getting on a burner you will want to add some bonus value. Check out the DraftKings fantasy golf scoring guide below.

Don’t wast another second debating whether or not fantasy golf is for you. Grab our current DraftKings promo code and find out for yourself!

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  1. This will be my first DraftKings PGA tournament… Do you guys share tips or lineups for every event or just the big ones. Thanks for the promo code, looks like I have a new obsession.

    • Hey Lenny, I wish we knew! I think the hope for DraftKings is that a sport like golf will be back by the end of May.


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