DraftKings Fantasy Golf Strategy

Daily fantasy golf on DraftKings can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite overwhelming and challenging for new players. The problem with golf is that tournaments go on over a period of several days and you have to try and predict how an event is going to play out in the long-term.

If one or more of your players gets knocked out earlier than you expected, your entire roster can be ruined and you’ll have no chance of winning. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how to approach DFS golf games on DraftKings and what strategies to adopt to give yourself the best chances of success.

Basic Tips to Get Started on DraftKings

Let’s start off with a classic tip but one of the most important: Vegas odds. Like with any other daily fantasy game, keeping track of the Vegas odds for an upcoming golf tournament is a great way to get an idea of the favorites and outsiders, as well as staying up to date with any important news. Let’s say, for example, that the odds on a player suddenly start dropping quite significantly.

This only happens when a large amount of money comes into play, which may imply that the player has been performing especially well in the buildup to the event or even that an insider source thinks the player is sure to win. Similarly, if a player’s odds suddenly start getting quite high, it might be an indication of an injury or personal problem that could reduce his chances of winning the event.

As well as Vegas lines and odds, you need to do your research regarding the course that a tournament is being played on, as well as the type of grass in play, which is usually either Bermuda or Sawgrass. Just like in tennis, golfers can play better on different courses and surfaces, with some being better-tailored for those with big drives and powerful swings, while others are a little favorable for skillful putters.

You can find all sorts of data online showing you each golfer’s history and record on a particular course in order to learn more about how they tend to perform. This information is invaluable and will give you an edge over fantasy opponents who don’t bother to do sufficient research, so it’s important not to overlook this step.

Tracking Recent and Past Tournament Results

Speaking of research, you also want to look at the recent performance of each golfer. The mental side of this sport is particularly important. Golf has its stars who are able to win pretty consistently, but it also sees a lot of upsets and outsiders who just go on good streaks for one reason or another and surprise everyone.

Streaks are an important part of the sport. If someone has been playing well recently, they’ll often be able to take that momentum into the next tournament. Vice versa, if a player has been having a tough time lately, even if they’re a seasoned pro, it might be playing on their mind and affect their performance negatively.

With the internet, you have an almost limitless source of information right there at your fingertips and the best fantasy players will use that knowledge to improve their chances of success. Even social media can be a huge help. Get onto Twitter and start following the accounts of professional golfers.

Many of them will post photos, updates and their own thoughts and opinions on upcoming events or courses. You can’t take everything they say as gospel, but this is another little way for you to get a better idea of how each player is preparing for an upcoming event and whether or not they feel like they’re in with a chance of winning it.

Golf Stats, Which Matter Most and How to Use Them

Now let’s look at stats. When it comes to DraftKings fantasy golf, there are so many different stats for you to look at and it can all seem quite overwhelming, so let’s narrow the field down a little. The most important stats to pay attention to are driving distance, driving accuracy, strokes gained, greens in regulation and scrambling.

These stats can help you get a good overall view of a golfer’s performance without needing to spend hours painstakingly analyzing every single bit of data. A big part of looking at stats is to be adaptable. Think about the course and adjust your strategy accordingly. If an upcoming event is being played on a course with wide fairways, driving accuracy is suddenly less important, for example.

As mentioned above, one of the things that makes golf so unique is its unpredictability. Unlike other sports where the elite players can be relied upon on a weekly basis, professional golfers can have a great history and several tournament wins behind them but suddenly fail to make the cut because they weren’t feeling their swing that day.

This might make it seem like DFS golf is more of a gamble, but in reality, it just means that there’s an even wider skill gap between individual players and an even greater reliance on research. You need to be willing to put in the time to gather up the necessary information that lets you make the right decisions.

Understanding Ownership

Our final tip for DraftKings golf concerns ownership. In general, the best golfers are going to be in the vast majority of lineups, so the only way you’re going to set yourself apart and overcome your opponents is by taking a couple of risks.

This sort of thing can pay off more in DFS golf than in almost any other fantasy sport. Normally, consistency is key, but when it comes to golf, you need to be willing to think outside the box and make a few risky plays. To minimize the risk factor, do your research and get yourself fully prepared for each tournament.

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