Cobra King LTD Driver Review

Cobra King LTD Driver




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  • Great look, unique design
  • MyFly8 with SmartPad is genius, fine tune your swing with the club
  • Speed to burn... Club head flies, generating a ton of ball speed.
  • Nearly perfect MOI and COG


  • As near-perfect as the design is, we actually saw better distance numbers out of the Callaway XR.

Having the right driver can make all the difference to your performance out on the course. With the latest addition to its lineup, the King, Cobra is aiming to provide incredible levels of precision and power with every hit. The club itself has a striking appearance, sure to draw it many fans, while its performance results have proven to be very impressive.

People had been waiting for new Cobra King driver for quite a long time. We first spotted it in Rickie Fowler’s bag back in October, 2015. We are happy to report that it was worth the wait, with the King effortlessly moving into the exclusive echelon reserved for the very best clubs on the market. With

Cobra King LTD Club Appearance

The first thing you notice about any club is the way it looks, and this is especially true for just about any Cobra club. From partnering with Rickie Fowler, to their being a subsidiary of Puma, makers of some of the flashiest golf gear on the market, Cobra is always ahead of the game when it comes to appearance. Before talking about how the King plays and feels, let’s talk about its unique design. To put it in the simplest terms possible, this club is a real looker. Cobra clearly wanted to capture people’s attention with this design and the company succeeded tremendously.

The Cobra King LTD driver also seems to have arrived from the future, with the brand’s signature SpacePort being a really cool (in addition to functional) feature. The design is wrapped up with streaks of orange, grey and black that work nicely together to provide a premium and professional look for the club.

The SpacePort itself actually allows you to view the inside of the head, which is a very unique experience that most golfers won’t have witnessed before. Compared to other Cobra drivers of the past, the King stays true to the company’s history while bringing the brand into a brighter future. The head is nicely-shaped, with quite a deep face, and a subtle yet beautiful checkerboard effect around the crown. That effect is a great little touch and just shows how much work went into the design of this thing. Overall, the aesthetic appeal of the club is very high.

Sound and Feel of Cobra King LTD Driver

Moving from the look to the sound, one of the most underrated aspects of club design. A club should sound great when hit properly. We’re happy to report that the Cobra King is able to provide a really satisfying tone with each hit. The way the head is composed of a titanium face and carbon fiber crown surely helps to provide this excellent sound, and even the odd mishit with the King won’t ruin your hearing like with certain other drivers. Essentially, if you’re the sort of golfer who really appreciates the sound of a solid whack, you’ll definitely like this driver.

So how about the feel of the new Cobra King LTD driver? Well, this is always a tricky area to describe as opinions will vary from one individual to the next. However, we can report that the King driver has a real sense of cleanness and smoothness with each hit. It seems to glide through the ball, while still providing that satisfying sensation you feel at the moment of impact. It’s a really unique feeling that is hard to put into words but wholly positive. Every hit feels powerful, while each swing is fluid. Let’s put it another way by saying that it would certainly be difficult for us to find a golfer who didn’t enjoy swinging this club.


Cobra King LTD Driver Performance Review

Now let’s try to answer the question that matters the most: how well does this club perform? Well, our answer is once again a positive one and we’re almost running out of superlatives to describe this club. With a driver, you want power and precision. Manufacturers have been working for many years now to try and reduce spin by moving the center of gravity around and experimenting with different types of material. With the King, Cobra claims to have finally nailed it and we have to agree with the company on this one.

cobra-golfThe Cobra development team decided to try moving the CG onto what is known as the ‘neutral axis’ of the club’s head. This hasn’t been done before, but we can expect other manufacturers to start following suit, as it works very well. During performance tests, the King offered a really strong level of precision. The spin numbers we recorded were really low and each shot seemed to be much more accurate than normal.

What we really like is the forgiveness of this particular club. It’s normal for players to struggle with mishits from time to time, but the King helps to compensate for any problems in your swing by minimizing each error you make. This means that, even with a bad hit, you’ll still be getting some good distance and respectable precision.

Overall, Cobra’s King driver is one of the most accurate clubs you could hope to play with. It’s very forgiving and feels wonderful to swing. The new CG technology is a veritable innovation and could help drivers to become much more reliable than ever before. To top it all off, this club has a fantastic look and ticks every box of what you would wish for in a driver. It’s a great overall package and we definitely recommend that you test one out.

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  1. my wife bought me this driver for Christmas, and it’s the best club I have ever hit. Longer, straighter, more forgiving than any of my previous drivers, and looks cool too. I think she paid $499, but I see you guys have it for $449.


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