Cobra BiO Cell Iron Review

Cobra BiO Cell Irons








Balance and Shape



  • Tungsten weighting in center and outside of club definitely increases forgiveness.
  • Extremely easy to get the ball up in the air with the Cobra BiO Cell Irons
  • Option of the BiO Cell Plus gives you the choice to get this iron as more of a players club with added distance.
  • One of the best looking clubs we have tested, but also feel great.


  • For us, the distance on the non-plus models is below average. We did get that distance back with the plus, but you lose a degree of the forgiveness.

I’ve been waiting for it all year and I know everyone else has been too, and finally the time has arrived. Springtime and warm weather are starting to set in, and that can mean only one thing: heading out to the course to finally dust off the old golf game, and this year I was lucky enough to start out the season with a brand new set of Cobra Bio Cell Irons. With a set of flashy colors and patterns, these new clubs have already drawn tons of attention at the local course, and we’re here to give you our full review after playing a few rounds with them.

Cobra BiO Cell Irons Precision

cb-ir-bafflerxl-jp-4I want to go ahead and start off the Cobra BiO Cell Iron review with quite possibly one of the most important and noticeable differences between this set of irons and any other. Compared to any other iron in my bag, this one is by far the most accurate out of all of them, especially the short irons. I’ve hit shots with them that I never knew I had in me or were even possible, they’ve managed to impress me time and time again with their accuracy.

The mid-irons are usually about 10 to 15 yards off of my usual average, which might seem like a bit much, but it’s truly not a huge complaint for me, since the ball still has a huge amount of control and it’s not going out into the woods or into the water. The accuracy of the long-irons is another story altogether, it was absolutely terrible, which is kind of to be expected from a long-iron.

Cobra BiO Cell Irons Guidance

This goes hand in hand with the first section of my Cobra BiO Cell Iron review. Getting the ball high into the air or low to the ground requires almost no effort with these irons, and the ball is always right in the center of where I intended it to go. Like I said, I’ve managed to impress myself quite a few times with some of the pro-level shots I’ve been able to make, and I’ve had full, 100% control of everything the ball was doing all thanks to the Cobra BiO Cell Iron.

The distance overall on the short, mid, and long-irons are all generally a little shorter than my old set of irons, but I don’t mind losing a few yards if it means I won’t be searching around in the woods for my ball. Definitely worth the sacrifice.


Club Lenience

It’s gotta be said, I made a few epic shots while I was out on the course, but I made just as many absolutely terrible ones. My old set of short and mid irons always punished me really hard and let me know exactly how bad my shot was, but I never had that experience with the Cobra BiO Cell Irons. It seemed like even if the shot looked terrible at first, the club somehow auto-corrected my shot and it was right back on track. It was unbelievable. It’s probably one of the most lenient clubs I’ve ever used, which is great for a guy like me who is definitely no professional.

Cobra BiO Cell Irons Long-Distance Range

It won’t be part of this Cobra BiO Cell Iron review, but I’d like to mention that I absolutely love a hybrid iron, and the BiO Cell is even available in a hybrid set. However, as far as the standard set and the long iron goes, I have to say I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I do a hybrid. They behaved pretty much the same way as my current set of long irons do, landing completely off the course in someone’s yard or pool. The height of my shots seemed decent, but as far as control goes, I had literally none.

Club Balance and Resonance
Across the board from short to long-iron, the heft of the iron overall feels like any other club that’s used to improve your game. It’s not really a complaint, but I personally like an iron that makes that familiar, satisfying iron-on-ball thwack when you take a shot. The Cobra BiO Cell Iron doesn’t really deliver on this aspect, but a lot of people seem to not enjoy that sound as much these days. It’s just personal preference, but this is one of the only downsides of my Cobra BiO Cell Iron review.

Overall Rating: 9/10
Let me wrap up this Cobra BiO Cell Iron review by saying this: these irons were stunning overall, I couldn’t have asked for more in a set of clubs. They lured me in right away with their unique shapes and colors, and greatly improved my overall performance as they advertised. It’s incredibly stylish and comes in a wide range of colors and other customizations. The short and mid-irons were both a huge boost to my game, and the long irons not so much, which is to be expected.

The fact that I was hitting straighter and turning heads on the course was more than worth the slightly increased price. The standard set of irons starts at around $700 with the hybrid set setting you back about $800. Again though, well worth the price for a set of game-improving irons.

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