Check Out Our Top Reviewed Blade Putters from 2015

Like every other piece of golfing equipment, the blade putter has undergone many technical and aesthetical changes since its inception, many years ago. One particularly famous blade putter was the Anser, invented by famous club designer Karsten Solheim. Solheim’s Anser arrived on the market in 1966 and was promptly involved in its first victory the following year when Julius Boros won the Phoenix Open.

From that moment on, the blade putter became an integral part of the golfing world and, in modern times, players have countless models to choose from. As every year goes by, designers discover new ways to improve their putters and provide better experience for every type of golfer. Choosing the right equipment can make a big difference out on the green, so today we’ll take a look at the top-ranked blade putters from last year.


Bettinardi Kuchar Model

Retailing at around $375, this club won’t come cheap but could be worth every cent for the right player. Professional player Matt Kuchar has been relying on this putter for a couple of years now and has done very well with it. This model comes in standard lengths and has a couple of different head styles to choose from. The blade style might not be for everyone, but this is a good putter overall.

Edel Signature E Series

At $295, with an extra $60 required for the weight kit, Edel’s sleek and stylish blade putter can certainly turn some heads. It has a special design to help your swings feel more fluid, promising more reliable and accurate putts. There are a couple of different blade models to choose from, but the price could be a drawback for some.


Nike Method Converge

You can find this putter for around $200 and Nike has done a really good job in crafting a great value product here. The Method Converge makes use of the same resin polymer that you’ll find in Nike’s range of balls. This is done to help the golfer hit the ball more squarely. You can also find a counterbalanced version of this putter, but no other blade styles are available.

Odyssey Metal-X Milled

One of the most notable features of this club is the set of oval openings in the face. These are designed to improve the contact between the putter and the ball, resulting in a more consistent roll. This club also comes with a few sets of weights, so you can modify the putter to suit your own swing. This club can be found for $300.

Odyssey Tank Cruiser

$250 is all you’ll need to part with for an Odyssey Tank Cruiser. This putter has adjustable weights which help to minimize the risk that can come with using a new club. By modifying the weights, you can easily adapt to this putter, but it unfortunately doesn’t come with other blade models or grip options.


Odyssey Works Versa

One of the cheapest models on the list at just $180, the Versa utilizes Odyssey’s smart face pattern technology for a good level of friction. This club also has an innovative insert to provide less spin and more consistent roll for your putts. This club comes with a few different blade models.

Ping Cadence TR

Ping’s development studied the way golfers putt in order to design the best putters. They discovered that golfers tend to use one of two variants of tempo in their strokes, so developed a version of this club to suit each type of player. One has a heavy insert to compensate for a slower swing, while the lighter variant is suitable for people with regular strokes.

Ping Karsten TR

The Karsten TR is only $150 and comes in five different blade models, so there’s something to suit everyone. The club’s aesthetic style may not appear to certain individuals, but the club is well-made and provides a consistent roll.

SeeMore PTM

The PTM makes use of SeeMore’s famous red-dot alignment system, which has helped countless golfers over the years to line up their shots more squarely. If accuracy is a concern for you, this could be the perfect club. It sells for just $225.


TaylorMade New Spider Blade

The New Spider Blade is $230 and is quite an exclusive model, coming in just one counterbalanced variant. It features a heavy grip to give your swing more consistency, but the lack of weights and options might deter certain golfers.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select

The Select is a beautiful putter that is also rich in smart technology. Titleist puts plenty of research into its clubs and this one has been painstakingly crafted to offer the best results. In comes in a selection of models, including a counterbalanced variant, and retails for around $350.

Bettinardi Studio Stock 2

One of the latest innovations from Bettinardi is the use of advanced milled patterns on the face to make putting more enjoyable and consistent. The Stock 2 uses this technology to good effect, but only comes with one model of blade. It costs around $400.

Nike Method Matter

If you want a fantastic putter on a budget, the $130 Method Matter is a great choice. As with most Nike gear, this club features the brand’s famous resin technology to provide a great feel. On the downside, you aren’t able to manually adjust the weights of this club, which could pose a problem.

Rife Switchback

If you want customization above all else, the Switchback is a steal at $200. This putter comes with a big selection of adjustable weights and a few choices of model too. This way, you’ll certainly be able to make this club work for you.


The face of the DLT has been split up into four separate lofts. Essentially, this works to compensate for inconsistent swings by helping you to always hit the ball squarely. This is a putter that can certainly improve your precision and costs just $280.

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