How to Hit a Draw

Hit a Draw Like a Pro

How to Consistently Hit a Draw Golf Shot Updated Post Summary Scroll Past This Box for Full Post Since publishing, this has become one of our more popular articles, so we wanted to come in and post a quick summary of our thoughts on hitting a draw. There are essentially two ways you can hit … Read more

How to Get Backspin on Iron Shots

How to Generate Backspin with Your Irons and Wedges This is a question we are asked every single week… How do I get backspin or more backspin out of my irons and wedges. We have all seen the likes of Jason Day and Jordan Spieth use backspin dozens of times throughout a round of golf, … Read more

What Makes a Driver Forgiving?

What Features Make a Driver Forgiving? Every golfer knows how tricky it can be to find the right driver. With so many different clubs available, each featuring different forms of technology to suit various types of swing, finding the right driver for you can be an arduous task. In fact, it can be so hard … Read more

Hit High Spin Wedge Shots

It is often to the detriment of many golfers in that if one aspect of their all round play isn’t up to scratch, then by the 18th, it has cost their scorecard dearly. This could be any aspect, or even multiple aspects such as distance off the tee, or accuracy or even both, hitting off … Read more

How to Properly Grip a Golf Club

The first lesson for any aspiring golfer is the importance of one of the primary fundamentals any golfer is taught, the grip. Without knowledge of the correct grip, it will be virtually impossible to take your skills onto any sort of next level, as your swing will be wayward and accuracy none existent. In-fact many … Read more

Buying the Right Hybrid

The sport of golf is constantly evolving as new technologies and pieces of equipment become parts of the game. Hybrids are one of the more recent additions to the increasingly vast library of golf gear. Offering a combination of a long iron and a fairway wood, hybrid clubs are aimed at golfers of all abilities … Read more

Tips to Stop Hitting the Toe and Heel of Your Club

It doesn’t matter what type of golfer you are, professional or amateur, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as hitting the ball directly in the center of the face of your club. There’s nothing quite like that satisfying resonance through your arms and the good solid sound of the ball taking off. But for a lot of us, that particular feeling and sound can be incredibly difficult to make.

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Basic Golf Swing Tips

There’s nothing quite like going back to the absolute bare basics when it comes to golf, and a foundation of good, basic practices can be exactly what you need to improve your game overall. A lot of tips that you’ll find online are exactly that, just reiterations of completely basic concepts. When it comes to … Read more

How to Hit the Perfect Flop Shot

It’s just you and the ball, all alone in the rough. You’ve short sided yourself and there isn’t a whole lot of green to work with. To make things worse, there is that wonderful bunker just up ahead. It’s almost challenging you with a menacing stance, daring you to get your ball to the hole, which seems so close, yet so far away, as it lies protected behind the hazard’s strong borders.

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