Quick Tips to Start Driving the Ball Further

We’ve all seen those big-swinging professional players who can seemingly hit the ball with almost superhuman strength, smashing it for huge distances while still maintaining a surprising amount of accuracy. For most golfers, when we see those players, we all wish we could do the same. Adding distance to your drives offers much more than … Read more

How to Start the Backswing in Golf

In order to perform a successful hit, every stage of the swing needs to be executed seamlessly and flawlessly. The downswing is where you’ll generate your power, but the backswing is the first step of every strike and needs to be performed with a lot of care. Jack Nicklaus, one of the game’s true legends, … Read more

Stop Hitting Your Wedges Fat

The “fat shot” is something that every golfer hates. This is when the club touches the ground before coming into contact with the ball, often tearing up a bit of grass or turf coming up with the clubface. This often results in a very unsatisfying impact (fat or thin) and poor distance. It can be … Read more

How to Create More Lag With Your Driver

From the amateur to the pro, every golfer can always make little changes and learn new techniques to improve their game, and one of the most important tools to add to your arsenal is being able to consistently create lag with your driver. This is considered a tough technique to pull off, but it can … Read more

How to Start the Downswing in Golf

Every golfer has his or her style of swing. They can vary enormously, and many different kinds of swing can be made to work well and produce impressive results. There is no one perfect way to swing a club and strike a ball, and there are so many factors to take into account when analyzing … Read more