U.S Open Fantasy Cheat Sheet

U.S Open Fantasy Cheat Sheet This weekend the U.S Open gets underway for another year and it proves to be another year posing many questions. Can Phil Mickelson finally win a U.S Open, can Jordan Spieth add a second major to his Masters success a few months ago and can Rory McIlroy make further progress … Read more

Predicting the US Open Winner

It’s not easy to handicap the entire US Open, especially when half of the players who came through the course ended up qualifying. However, with the few clues that we have, we have been able to make a decent effort at predicting the US Open winner. There’s a lot of surprises and wildcards in play of course, so it’s still anyone’s game and nobody is counting out any of the underdogs. So let’s get down to predicting the US open winner, here’s our top 14 picks.

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