Callaway XR Pro Review

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  • Accuracy and Forgiveness are as advertised, the ball feels great coming off these irons.
  • While accuracy is great, what makes these our favorite irons is the distance. Not the longest club we tested but darn close for as accurate as these are.
  • These clubs feel better than any other irons we have reviewed.
  • The shape is great. Sleek, straight and perfectly balanced.


  • While the shape of the XR is great, the aesthetics of these clubs are in desperate need of an updating.

Callaway XR Pro Irons – Saving You Strokes…

There are plenty of golf fans, but most of them always ask how far they can kick with their particular golf club and which golf club would be most appropriate for a particular blow, because very few people manage to know all the secrets of this game. However, this sport is quite difficult, and if you don’t know which putter is indicated, things will definitely be even harder. Another challenge is to know how far the golf ball can go, after a strong blow.

Build for outrages speed, as the Callaway company states, the Callaway XR Pro Irons are the dream come true of any golf player, professional or not.

callaway xr irons reviewGolf clubs were traditionally classified into three basic types: the Woods golf clubs, the IRON golf clubs and the Putter golf clubs. There is also a fourth class called Hybrid, which has evolved as a cross between wood and iron clubs. Hybrid clubs are used in medium to large distances with a higher launch angle and a more forgiving mature.

As for the iron clubs, as it is the case for Callaway XR Pro, these clubs are shorter. They have a metal head, mainly comprising a flat face and a larger angle. Traditionally the club head was made from iron, but modern iron clubs heads are made of an alloy of steel. Callaway XR Pro Irons are such modern iron clubs and you can purchase one of them at a cost of $900.

Iron clubs are used for a variety of shots anywhere along the golf course, but most often they are used for shorter approach shots or to hit the golf ball from difficult positions, such as sand bunker.

Callaway XR Pro – True Player Irons

Callaway XR Pro Irons belong to the category of Better-Player Irons and they have been tasted with KBS Tour V90 steel shaft.

What makes these Iron golf clubs really special is the technology used on their clubs heads. Every Callaway XR Pro has a two-piece club head, with a 360-degree cup-face design. Because of that the ball speed on shots struck all across the face is very much increased.

One of the best features for a Callaway XR Pro is probably its playability. If you’re finding yourself in a difficult position or on a rough terrain, this is definitely the golf club that you need. Thanks to the meaty sole, you will be able to overpass and enjoy through the thickest stuff. Tests showed that, with Callaway XR Pro, you can move the golf ball in any direction wanted, without troubling yourself to much. Thanks to its dynamics you will experience a relatively penetrating flight.

In terms of forgiveness or accuracy, this iron club has proven itself to be one of the most forgiving club in the in the better-player category. With a very strong consistency this is the golf club you’ve always dreamed on. Using Callaway XR Pro as your club you will have the best control over the desired distance. Yet another aspect proven by tests. Same test showed an appreciable rebound effect at balls impact that makes them jump off the face.

Also, when using them the feel is soft. Adding to all these qualities, the great look, you will definitely experience a great golf game when playing with them and the Callaway XR Pro will most surely become one of your favorite iron golf club.

The midsize face of a Callaway XR Pro is really comforting. A good golf player will always rely on its club. It is known the fact that a maximum number of 14 clubs is allowed in a player’s bag during a golf provide round. Of course, the choices are at the discretion on the golf player, although each club must be choose in accordance with the parameters outlined in the rules of the game. But we are sure that every time regulation allows the use of an iron golf club, from the Better-Player Irons Category, you will be equipped with a Callaway XR Pro in your golf bag.

Callaway XR Pro is your chance to move into the better-player category from a game-improvement model. It is a smart choice for a smart player. It is better that other clubs of its category, it is strong and it will help you improve your game, getting you all the help you`ll need on misses.

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