Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review

callaway-chrome-softAre you always looking for a way to improve your golf game? Are you a beginner that is trying to keep up with your more seasoned friends? Perhaps you have a slower but steady swing and are looking to add a little distance to those drives. You need to consider your balls more carefully. It just might be time to check out a ball with a low compression rate that offers a good chance to increase the distance of your drive while still allowing you to maintain control and accuracy around the green.

The new Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball which is offered at most retailers for less than $40 may be the answer for those golfers looking to shave a few strokes off of their game.

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Why You May Want a Soft Golf Ball

The Callaway Soft offers a very low compression rating of 65 which falls well below that of many of the other balls considered to be low compression or soft. While generally thought to be in the range associated with players who are just starting out, female players, or juniors, these balls offer some interesting technology that even has some golf pros interested in giving them a try.

One feature our northern friends are going to love is that in colder weather the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball will still feel like it is flying off of the club rather than turning into a rock that is hard to hit any great distances as balls with higher compression ratings tend to do when those temperatures dip.

Given that this ball appeals to golfers at varying levels of experience and with both slower and faster swings and given that it is a good choice for cooler weather play, it is worth examining some of the features Callaway has developed for this newer and softer ball.


Technology Behind the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Callaway has taken a lot of time and devoted a lot of research to the development of a new core composition that they call the SoftFastCore. This technological advance allows the core of the ball to recover its shape far more quickly after being struck with the club head while using little energy.

This translates into more energy being transferred into longer distance for many players. A long flight and a good forward roll with a reduction in back spin on drives and long shots means that even those with a slower swing can add some distance to their long game.

This core is surrounded by a somewhat firm middle layer that allows for the feel of a harder ball while still maintaining all of the desirable the properties of a lower compression ball. The outer urethane layer of this ball is the softest Callaway manufactures.

callaway-chrome-soft-guideWhile the Callaway Chrome soft ball is great on longer distances, it actually manages to still be great on the green. It spins perfectly and grabs the green well. Your short game will be as good as ever and may even improve. This is an innovative development because generally improving the long game and using a ball that would allow for more distance off the tee or when swinging an iron meant that a golfer knew there would be at least some reduction in control, the ability for the ball to grip and hold on the green and a definite reduction backspin.

The Callaway Chrome Soft offers an exciting new feel which appeals to golfers across the board. From novice players to the most elite pros with the highest swing speeds there is something to be gained when using this new ball.

Of course, as with all golf equipment you have to really get out there and give this ball a try. You can expect to find yourself adjusting your club choice as the distance you are accustomed to with that five iron may have increased by as much as ten feet. Your drive will be straighter, longer and you will feel more in control. You will find your ball coming to a rest right where you sent it on the green. With a little practice you will find that you have just the right amount of back spin, greater handling and control when putting and a great overall soft ball feel on the green.

At the end of the day all golfers want a longer drive, an accurate putt and just a good feel no matter whether they are hitting for distance on the fairway or tapping one in on the green. Whether you are looking for a ball that will allow you to improve your play around the pin or a ball that will fly straight and roll for distance on the long shots you will find this Callaway model can work for you.

The best part of this is that you can opt to improve one part of your game while not allowing any other areas to suffer or be diminished in any way. Callaway has really brought together the best qualities of a higher compression ball with the great feel of a low compression model.

Bottom line, soft golf balls have come a long way from where they were even three or four years ago, and the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is a must try for every golfer!

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