Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver Review

Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver






Weight/Club Speed





  • The Distance! Over 7 yards further than next fastest club.
  • Club balance, weight and speed...
  • At $399, it's cheaper than most high end drivers
  • For a club that is for a more advanced golfer that is looking to generate more speed and distance, it has decent forgiveness.


  • Accuracy isn't what you will get with other big name drivers.
  • Cannot customize head as you can the Big Bertha Alpha

Are you a keen golfer but struggle for that all important head start off the tee? If you are, then you’ll be very intrigued to know about the new Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver.

For years Callaway have been producing high quality premium tools to help aid performance of players with all abilities on the golf course and now with their latest driver off the production line, it has never been easier to start on the right foot and to gain that all important elusive distance. Of course, you’re probably thinking it’s very much okay to have a club allowing for increased distance but with this new revolutionary new Big Bertha, accuracy in tandem with power have never been more in sync.

The Big Bertha V Series Driver Has Speed to Burn

With it’s all new Speed Optimized Technology, the Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver is of a lightweight design with it’s official weight starting at 290 grams. With the new lightweight feel, it allows for a more clubhead speed which subsequently creates more ball speed, which is exactly the component required to hit the ball further than your average tee shot. The aerodynamic shape lowers drag through the whole motion of the swing to give faster speeds from the start of the swing until the finish. The Forged Composite material in the crown is also much lighter than the average Big Bertha, leading to maximum clubhead speed for increased ball speed.

Continuing with the theme of ‘speed’, the V Series Driver possesses the proven Hyper Speed Face technology, commonly used by other high quality premium Big Berthas. The Hyper Speed Face is a clubface which features variable face thicknesses to allow for long distances by providing a larger ‘sweet spot’ and more effective hitting area. With a more efficient face and one aided by such technology, the delivery of higher ball speeds allows for the user to consistently strike long drives. Of course, this is only possible due to a lighter and more robust design to help produce those increased ball speeds.

Furthermore, a rather quite remarkable feature of the club is that of an adjustable hosel which allows for the golfer to choose from a combination of eight different lofts including -1, S, +1 and +2 whilst also lie angles including Draw or Neutral. This OptiFit Technology gives a quite personal feel by allowing your optimized trajectory and shot shape to be found, further enhancing the ability and quality of the Big Bertha.

callaway big bertha v series

Big Bertha V Series Driver Club Shaft

If you thought that the Callaway V Series Driver couldn’t give you any more speed, then you were wrong. The driver also possesses an ultra lightweight Mitsubishi Bassara Shaft (42g) in both the 10.5 degree and 13.5 degree HT heads whilst also a Fujikura Motore Speeder 565 (53g) in the 9-degree head. These almost hard-to-believe weights can guarantee an approximate 20g lighter weight than most standard Big Bertha’s can even dream to offer, enhancing even further the ability of the Big Bertha V Series Driver in allowing for an easier and smoother high speed swing for a vast variety of different style players.

callaway-big-bertha-v-seriesTo bring it all together and recap, this fabulous piece of equipment has many more pro’s than cons, if any cons at all! The most fascinating feature of the driver is the distance that can be created from the tee. Quite frankly, it is a beast! From testing, it is proven that golfers will hit more consistently longer than their current drivers and has also drew comparisons to the original Big Bertha from 1991 due to its incredible length. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the power of the driver doesn’t compromise the accuracy of the shot as it both minimizes hooks and slices and allows for the swing to be aggressive without fear of demoralizing and erratic misses.

An important component of a golf club is without doubt its feel. The driver has a soft feel and is very comfortable and a somewhat muted sound accompanies a well struck and sweet shot. You don’t have to fear about flimsy head as it will remain stable through the impact zone. Finally, the playability of the driver is second-to-none. It is really a confidence booster knowing at the tee that the driver encourages fearless and powerful swings to really aid a good start off the tee.

Testers of the club have frequently commented their likeness for the V-sole for use off the deck, whilst a few other guys have mentioned that they enjoy having the ability to adjust the hosel to different lofts, which really is a high quality feature.

Retailing at $399.99, this new on the market driver is an essential piece of equipment for any player looking to up their game at their next round on the course and will almost certainly aid any player of all abilities in getting closer to the flag from the tee. With it’s slick design and performance enhancing appeal, the Callaway V Series Driver is certainly one to consider.

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  1. What is the price of this Big Bertha V Serices 10.5 driver NEW? And what year was it first offered as a new product?
    Allen N. Arnott


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