Callaway Big Bertha Irons Review

Callaway Big Bertha Irons

A Top of the Line Performer with a Cutting-Edge Technology

Callaway, one of the leading golf equipment providers in the world is excited to introduce the new Big Bertha iron clubs. This new model of the brand is the called the Big Bertha and is considered as the brand’s first model which incorporates the 360 Face Cup technology into the irons. The said technology was previously used in the fairway woods only. The company claims that Big Bertha is two clubs longer than the previously released models of golf clubs in the market. Since the stainless steel face is attached to the hollow body, it allows the specific area of the clubface to look thinner which lead to more flex and ball speed.

Aside from the 360 Face Cup technology, Callaway also brought across the internal standing wave from their woods to the Big Bertha. It is a ridge of metal on the inside of the sole which raises the center of gravity. The Big Bertha features an extra strip of mass that runs heel-to-toe behind the face to shift the center of gravity low and forward. The weight placement directs more energy into the ball for added speed.

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How Well Do Big Bertha Perform?

The Big Bertha irons are considered as the top two for the most stable and most forgiving irons that every golfer ever used. While the distance it produces is great, the ball speed stays high and the ball stays comparatively accurate to its target. The distance also comes with a high, soft-landing ball flight. With Big Bertha, there is no problem launching high shots without ballooning, and it is easy to sweep from different lies. The Big Bertha is reliable in most approach once a player gets use to its distance.

Big Bertha’s Look

Big Bertha irons are built to inspire confidence to high handicap golfers. They have wider sole designs in the long irons to give golfers confidence and thinner in the shorter irons for a great look around the ball. Its progressive top line is thick as the sole and a lot of offset all throughout the set. The gap wedge is substantially offset and thick. Big Bertha has a decent setup for an iron with much forgiveness since it sits squarely behind the ball and aligns with ease. Surely, Callaway packed a lot of technology in this model.

Big Bertha’s Feel

Surprisingly, Big Bertha has a pleasant soft feel. The Big Bertha has a good compression through the ball and a reasonable feedback tells a golfer how well they struck it. Shots made anywhere near the center of the face feels good and solid which enables to boost the confidence of high handicap golfer. The ample weight of the club makes it like it swing itself.

Big Bertha Hybrids and Premium Shaft Options

There are also lot of ways of configuring the set of Big Bertha depending on the golfer’s preference since Callaway is offering the irons in combination with Big Bertha hybrids all the way to the 5 irons. The first adjustable hybrids are long and can be turned to eight different settings using Optifit hosel.

Callaway also combines its best Big Bertha technology with some of the best and the most premium aftermarket shafts. Golfers can choose from the UST recoil shaft in graphite or the True Temper Speed Step 80 steel. Several other available shafts include the True Temper XP95, KBS Tour V and Tour V 90. These are available without any up charge.

Few Cons

Some golfers who tested Big Bertha couldn’t control the shots from the rough and other trouble lies as they expected. A minority of golfers said that the feel is not as quite as lively as other models and that Big Bertha is a little chunky-looking compared with some other competitors ‘ game -improvement irons.

Bottom line is that Big Bertha is a must-try for high handicappers due to its outstanding forgiveness with very good distance.

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