Callaway Apex CF16 Irons Review

Callaway Apex CF 16




Feel and Sound


Technology / Customization


Accuracy and Consistency





  • Cup Face is Legit - Apex got longer and more forgiving
  • Best Looking Non-Blade Iron on the Market
  • Sound and feel fantastic
  • High ball flights, some shot shaping ability


  • Higher Price than Others in this Segment
  • Not the most forgiving iron on the market

Since its inception, the Callaway Apex range has become synonymous with style and performance. Any club adorned with the Apex name is always guaranteed to look stunning and function flawlessly. The latest additions to the lineup are the Apex CF16 Irons, and we’re glad to report that these clubs do not disappoint.

The development team has made use of the latest technological ideas and breakthroughs, along with the finest materials available, in order to forge a set of irons that manages to offer both functionality and class. We’ll take a closer look at these clubs in our review today.

Callaway Apex CF16 Head Design

Let’s begin with the head of the new Apex CF16 Iron. Just like in the past, Callaway has made use of a mixture of materials to give the head a distinctive look and feel. There are actually six individual pieces making up each head, with the 1025E forged carbon steel body being the centerpiece of the show.

The face is made from stainless steel, and other small sections of TPE, TPU and aluminum helps to make up the rest of the head. Each material has been chosen to play its own role in the functioning of the club, and they combine well to create excellent levels of performance and a really satisfying sound on contact.


Changes to the Apex Club Head

You might be thinking that all of that sounds pretty familiar, especially if you have used Callaway Apex irons in the past. So what’s new about the heads of the CF16 range?

apex-club-head-constructionWell, the CF actually stands for Cup Face. The Cup Face technology has been used in other Callaway clubs in the past, and has now been brought over to the 3 to 7 irons in this new set. This means that the face offers an extra level of flexibility, contributing to greater control and more consistent shots.

We have to admire the folks at Callaway for daring to put this sort of technology into a set of forged irons. It was a gamble, but having tested the clubs out for ourselves, we can say that it totally paid off.

Club Appearance

In terms of aesthetics, it would be hard for anyone to dislike the look of these clubs. The matte chrome finish gives each iron a great sense of style, and the clubs give off a nice balance of elegance and simplicity in their design.

The Callaway name screams class and the Apex logo is an instantly eye-catching sign of quality. The clubs come along with True Temper XP95 steel shafts by default, and we think they look great, but you can also choose different materials depending on your own taste and preferences.


Callaway Apex CF16 Performance Review

When it comes to performance, we can’t really find many flaws in these Callaway Apex irons. They’re a little more forgiving than previous entries in the Apex line, mostly due to the Cup Face technology and general high quality manufacture. Some novice players may still struggle to hit their shots as consistently as possible, but the majority of golfers will feel very comfortable with these clubs.

If you don’t have too much trouble hitting the ball on center, you’ll surely have a great time with these clubs. Some golfers even choose to add the Apex Hybrid to their bags for a bit of extra forgiveness on certain shops.

Another thing that really impressed us about this set is how consistently each club performs. As you go down along the set, the heads get smaller, but the performance remains reliable. The shortest irons in the set are actually more compact than average, which might take a little getting used to for some players, but after a little bit of practice you’ll be able to see how effective these forged clubs can be.

The Face Cup technology is present throughout the whole set, except for the 8, 9 and wedge, but Callaway still adjusted the face on these clubs to provide a bit of extra ball speed and forgiveness. To put it simply, every item in the set is a lot of fun to use, and you can switch from one club to the next without any worries.

Industry Price and Value Comparison

There are a lot of top quality forged irons out there nowadays, and players can be quite discerning when it comes to how they spend their money. The Apex CF16 irons are pretty pricey, but we have to say that they do enough to justify that price tag. Callaway’s design team has done a solid job of crafting a set of irons that manage to look as good as they play.

The feel and sound aspects of these clubs are highly satisfying, while the forgiveness level is just right. The Cup Face technology helps to give you a little more control in each shot, as well as guaranteeing plenty of power and high ball speeds all around. If you’re in the market for some excellent forged irons, this is a super set to invest in.

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