Bridgestone J15 DF Irons

Bridgestone J15 DF Irons

Bridgestone Golf, the no. 1 ball-fitter in golf, presented at the beginning of 2015, at PGA Merchandise Show, the new family of J15. Continuing their tradition in offering the best quality, J15 family has the clean and classic design with cutting-edge technologies and the precision that players have waited for.

The 4 models of the J15 family are designed for all types of players, but what they all have in common is the new Sure Contact Sole, heel shaping, designed for giving the desired turf interaction that players want. Additionally, all sole heels are now incorporated into the forging process.

The 15 family has four models, starting with MB and the three cavity back models called J15 DF, CB and DPF. All models are manufactured from premium forged carbon steel. The objective for all four models is to enable turf interaction at impact, even if the widths of the sole are different on the three cavity back models, all of them work satisfactorily on this aspect.

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Bridgestone J15DF Forged Iron Review

Bridgestone J15 DF Irons reviewJ15DF is a two-piece iron made from forged 1025-carbon steel that has a hidden cavity, a compact design and a slightly rounded sole designed for improving the control and accuracy.The J15DF targets professionals to mid handicap amateurs.

What makes J15DF unique:

  • Pack together two-piece premium forged Carbon Steel designed for the ultimatebalance of feel and forgiveness
  • Presents a hidden cavity between front and rear to provide the incredible repulsion for more distance and replacement of discretionary weight to perimeter for added forgiveness
  • Mid-Round Sure Contact Sole offersmore forgiveness and control

Bridgestone J15 DF Irons Pros

Beginning with the smallest cavity back head we have the J15DF, or Driving Forged irons. This includes a two piece forged head with a hidden cavity between the front and rear of the head. This specific characteristic’ objective is to increase the ball speeds and to add some forgiveness. The sole simply flows through the turf. Controllable and responsive, short irons are aperfect flag-hunting pleasure to hit.At the impact, the hidden cavity makes a slight ringing sound wich is not disturbing.

From all three cavity back models, J15 DF has the nicest top line, giving a great balance between thickness and head length. Its size might not indicate at a first look, but, this aspect helps in adding a little more forgiveness than you might think.

The driving forged line is designed to be the ideal combination between performance and forgiveness.

DISTANCE CONTROL: As far as the distance control, hitting controlled shots to precise distances becomes second nature. With J15 DF, you will experience almost no distance loss.

FEEL: Fabricated with two-piece premium forged carbon steel, this model is designed to give golfers the desired quality feel.

You will find very easy to find the center of the face with its good balance and weight; they feel silky smooth on solid hits.The shaft feels easier to swing..

LOOK: J15 DF is designed for a traditional appearance. The Ulimate Strong Metal offers the best benefits. The position of the head, behind the ball inspires confidence. Overall, the thin topline, the simple graphics, minimal offset, the attractive cavity design and the fact that all the forgiveness is well hidden, makes DF easy to handle and flexible.

The sole curved heel portion allows the head to make better contact with the ball, offering an improved slide through the turf. The design and technology of DF are highly appreciated by most of the users.

The connoisseurs reviews shows that J15 DF is one of the best models tested because of its versatility and look.

Cons for Bridgestone J15 DF Irons

Some people may notice a certain distance loss on off- center contact and for some guy the mid – and long irons can be a little difficult.
You can buy J15DF with $879. The J15MB, J15DF and J15DPF are available in right-hand only models, while the J15CB irons are available in both right-hand and left-hand versions.

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