Bettinardi BB Series Putter Review

Bettinardi BB Series Putter






Ball Striking





  • High quality, all metal putter.
  • Perfectly Milled and balanced, strikes the ball consistently.
  • Made in USA, comes with a high quality leather club head cover


  • No real weights or other adjustable features, the club is what you get out of the box.
  • We don't love the design/appearance/colors of the putter.

In this week’s putter review series, we take a look at the latest from Bettinardi, the Bettinardi BB Series Putter. If you’re not familiar with this brand, don’t feel too bad, a lot of golfers aren’t, but there’s a number of interesting facts to learn about the company once you do a little bit of research. The company is based in Illinois in a city called Tinley, and they weren’t always manufacturing high-quality putters. They actually used to do a lot of manufacturing work for the defense industry, which really helped to shape what they are today, sticking to the same incredibly high-quality precision machining that it’s always done.

bettinardi-bb-series-reviewAnother interesting fact that you may not know is that each putter starts out as a single, solid block of steel, and each one is crafted in Tinley Park before being sent out to customers around the world. Even if you don’t know too much about putters, just looking at and handling the BB series putters will show a huge amount of painstaking craftsmanship and attention to not only aesthetic appearance, but performance. They’re a bit pricy at $300 and only come in a single head weight, but after trying them ourselves we can tell you ourselves it is well worth the price. So with that in mind, let’s get down to our Bettinardi BB Series putter reviews.

The first thing we’d like to mention in our Bettinardi BB series putter reviews is that the series actually includes 5 vastly different models: the BB1, BB1F, BB32, BB43 and BB55. The last one, the BB55, won’t be included in this particular review. We’ll actually be covering that particular putter in its own separate review in the future. So that said, let’s get into it.

Like we said, each putter weighs exactly the same, however there are a couple of exceptions. Those are the two counter-balanced models, the BB1CB and BB32CB, with the CB of course standing for counter-balanced. The stock for these particular models are 38 inches, bringing the putter’s head weight up to 395 grams. This type of putter is great for someone with a lot of arc in their swing. The BB1 that’s not counter-balanced is also the only of these putters that is available in a left-handed configuration, while the rest of the putters are righties only. Sorry, lefties. Those two points are very important to keep in mind, which putter you’ll choose depends a lot of what type of golfer you are.

Bettinardi BB Series Putter Appearance

As far as appearance goes, these putters are beautiful. They have what Bettinardi calls the Hyper-Honeycomb face, which is an intricate pattern that they make when grinding the face on each putter. The weight of each putter is written on the sole of the head along with Bettinardi’s blue and red logo. The faces and soles are all highly polished and beautifully shined, while the top is matte satin finish. This, of course, helps to reduce the amount of glare coming from the putter when you’re trying to line up that perfect shot. We’ll take a look at some more of the different styles that Bettinardi used later in our Bettinardi BB series putter reviews.

Bettinardi BB Series Putter Performance

bettinardi-bb-series-putterFirst up on our list is the BB1, an Anser-style putter. It’s been designed in many aspects to be much more face-balanced than its predecessors. This is in keeping with a lot of recent trends to not rely so heavily on the toe hang. This resulted in an extended neck, which is much less noticeable in this new model. In an effort to show the quality of the milling which Bettinardi is known for, the grain marks are left intact on the hosel. Milling marks can be seen in a few areas around the putters, showcasing the high craftsmanship and quality that this company is all about.

Different Models of the Bettinardi BB

The BB1F is a slightly longer version of the Anser putter. This one is truly beautiful to look at with its smooth curves and mill marks, and the neck blends flawlessly into the top line of the putter.

The BB32 is definitely the strangest looking out of all of them, a large thin flange allowing for easier aiming. It’s incredibly stable and could easily be picked up by blade and mallet putters alike.

The BB43 ‘s shaft aligns perfectly with the center of the putter’s head, placing a ton of mass right behind the ball when putting. Definitely the “softest” feeling putt out of this series.

The last one in the series is the BB43, which has gained a huge following from its release. The best way to describe it is very center-shafted and great if you take a straight, steady putt.

To wrap up, we want to say again that this putter was beautiful. But not only was it incredibly pleasing to look at, the Hyper Honeycomb faces are able to take a huge impact and are designed as much for functionality as they are for appearance. The fact that it was manufactured from a solid piece of steel gives the putters an overall very satisfying, solid feeling.

The only negative that we were able to find for this Bettinardi BB Series was that there was no option for adding and removing weights, which would have been a great option to have added. Bettinardi has said that they feel that this would impact that iconic feeling that they’re trying to achieve.

You may have to pay a slightly increased price, but for the pristine quality and craftsmanship the money is truly well spent.

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