Best Winter Golf Gloves for Cold Weather Golfing

As winter 2020 rolls in across the United States, golfers everywhere are scrambling to get their last rounds of the year in. However, what if you could deal with the cold for an additional 30 days? Our favorite cold-weather golfing gloves of 2020 could allow you to do just that!

We have talked winter golf gloves on this site in the past, but have never actually gone out and tested a bunch of them for feel, comfort, and warmth. Golfing with two gloves on is difficult to get used to at first for many players, but after a bucket of range balls, it should feel much more normal.

There really is no alternative. If you hit a shot off the toe, feel the sting, and instinctively tighten up your hands and grip for the rest of the round you just will not play good golf. A nice set of winter gloves allows us to play through November in most parts of the country.

Our Favorite Winter Golf Gloves for 2020

With a lot of our testing, we love to show you data, results, as well as talk feel. This one is going to be all about feel. How did the strike feel? How warm did our hands remain? How was our grip effected? These were the sort of things we were looking for.

While there was a significant gap between the high-quality gloves and the low-quality gloves, the price was not an accurate measuring stick of quality, to say the least. In fact, many of our favorite gloves were some of the cheaper options in the group.

footjoy winter cold weather golf glove

1. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Testing aside, this seems to be the most popular golf glove for the 2018 winter season. To be fair, FootJoy is the only major golf glove manufacturer that improved on last season’s design. We tested both last season and this season’s FootJoy winter glove and noticed a significant improvement in the grip, particularly when we tested it for rain. These gloves were so good in the rain, I think you can make a legitimate argument for using them in wet conditions in summer months.

In terms of warmth, these are just slightly better than average. I think both the HJ and Orlimar options are slightly warmer, particularly on the palm side of your hands. However, as you might be able to guess from that statement, these are doing a much better job of maintaining feel. The WingerSof gloves were the best of the entire group in terms of feel and were also our top-rated glove for rain. At $29.99 with free shipping, they are right in the middle in terms of cost.

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2. Orlimar Fleece Cold Weather Golf Gloves

While I would argue FootJoy ran away with this review, Orlimar gloves are going to be great for the guys that are trying to golf in really cold conditions, or for guys with poor circulation. They were the warmest gloves we tested, both on the back of the hand as well as the palm side.

In terms of grip and feel, the grip was great… nice and firm and the club never slipped in both dry and wet testing. Feel was somewhat lacking compared to the FootJoy and Zero Restriction offerings. While you certainly don’t feel like you are wearing a winter glove, you are not going to get a ton of useful feedback from your strike with the Orlimar gloves.

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zero restriction golf grips for winter

3. Zero Restriction Windstopper Winter Gloves

Essentially you can take our Orlimar review and flip it. These gloves were right up there with the FootJoy’s in terms of feel and grip. We would classify these as a slight downgrade from your in-season golf glove. Great feel, you get feedback from the strike but are warm enough to eliminate the sting.

That being said, if you are golfing in the low 40’s or colder, our recommendation would be to keep hand warmers in your pockets as these don’t provide a ton of warmth on their own. They don’t have the fleece or wool back that other options do, and if exposed to the cold for too long you will start to feel it. Additionally, these were one of the more expensive gloves we tested priced at the time at $34.99 with another $10 for shipping.

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HJ winter weather golf glove

4. HJ Winter Performance Golf Gloves

I used the HJ winter gloves all of last winter (they came highly recommended from a friend) and was happy with the results. They keep your hands warm and provide a decent amount of grip and feel. In terms of performance, there were really no negatives with these gloves. Slightly above average, grip, feel, and great warmth.

That being said, my pair from last season which I wore for probably 12 rounds through parts of October, November and December, were completely worn out by the end of the year. Beyond what I would consider normal, and much more so than what I expect you would see out of either of our top three gloves. Digging deeper into customer reviews we found several complaints that matched exactly what I experienced last year. Good while they last seem to be a fitting review here.

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Callaway Winter Gloves

5. Callaway Thermal Grip Golf Gloves

For the most part, the big-name golf glove makers we tested: Callaway, Mizuno, Under Armour, Nike, etc… all offered extremely similar products. The fleece inner lining, fit, and overall quality were what set the Callaway’s apart from the other big-name brands. To be fair, we weren’t blown away by the grip or warmth provided by any of these options, but if you are looking to buy from a trusted brand then we would go Callaway.

The fit on these gloves was excellent, as is the overall quality and stitch. I think they would hold up for a whole cold season with no issues. Additionally, the feel and grip in dry conditions were above average. That being said, the warmth was arguably the worst in this group, and they didn’t hold up to weather nearly as well as the FootJoy, Orlimar, and Zero Resistance options did. At roughly $25 they may be a value compared to a pair of regular Callaway gloves, but it’s hard to describe them as a value buy in this test.

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Other Winter Gloves Tested

For those interested in which gloves were not good enough to make this year’s list, here are the other gloves we reviewed. If you have questions about any of the gloves feel free to post them in the comments section of this page.

  • Under Armour Cold Gear Golf Glove
  • Mizuno Thermagrip
  • Finger Ten Winter Golf Gloves
  • Wilson Staff Winter Golf Gloves
  • Bridgestone Barricold Gloves
  • PowerBilt Winter Golf Gloves
  • Valley Forge Traditional Winter Golf Gloves
  • Kodiak Ultimate Winter Gloves

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