Best Training Aids to Increase Swing Speed

Every golfer wants more natural speed in their golf swing, but where and how can we find that extra speed and distance? Working with a local pro is obviously a great place to start, but your trainer can’t be with you every time you are at the range, on the course, or simply swinging in the backyard.

The training aids in this article will help you add speed on your own with only a few reps per week. Some can even give you an extra 5-10% with only a few warm-up swings while on the course.

Here are some of the criteria we judged the training aids listed in this article, as well as those we left out, by:

  • Results: What could be more important than results? Many training aids make sense when you read about them or watch a promo video, but do not produce real results when you actually take them to the course. We tracked swing speed before and after using every training aid we tested.
  • Overall impact on game: Several of the speed training aids we tested improved swing speed but that speed came at a cost to tempo or consistency. We only considered aids that added swing speed naturally without effecting impact and consistency.
  • User and peer reviews: There are hundreds (if not thousands) of reviews for all of these products. While many are fake, we know how to find the legit ones and would be foolish to not consider them when building this list.
  • Cost: Too many tools on the market price out new golfers and golfers on a budget. We decided long ago that Golf Tribune would cater to every golfer, so while we may list higher-end aids in this article, we always prefer a cheaper way to achieve the intended results.

Best Overall Swing Speed Training Aids of 2020

After testing nearly 40 different speed training aids these three were best-in-class.

superspeed golf training aid

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

The SuperSpeed Training System was nearly a unanimous winner amongst our testers. Every tester loved the feel of the SuperSpeed aid. Every tester saw an immediate boost in swing speed, with the minimum gain coming in at 2.1% and the max at 8.3%. None of our golfers felt like the SuperSpeed felt like the speed increase was unnatural or affected their consistency.


  • Consistent, sizeable increase in club head speed amongst all of our testers.
  • Aid can be used anywhere. Perfect for training at home, easy to bring to the range.
  • System has little, if any impact on form. Simply make your typical swing and see results.
  • Trusted by several PGA Tour pros, we spotted a SuperSpeed set at nearly every tour event this year.


  • Priced slightly higher than the majority of the training aids we tested here.
  • Ideal for warm-up swings or pre-round range sessions. Speed gains unlikely to stick long term.

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sklz gold flex speed training aid

Sklz Gold Flex

Sklz has built a reputation on designing some of the most effective training aids on the market and pricing them extremely competitively. The similarities between Sklz products and other popular trainin aids is undeniable. The Sklz Gold Flex looks very similar to the Orange Whip, and more importantly, functioned almost identically to the Orange Whip. The reason it slots higher than the Orange whip on this list is that it is over 30% cheaper.


  • Simple idea as a warm-up training aid. Simply take a dozen swings prior to your round and see immediate results.
  • Available in two sizes, one for taller golfers and one for shorter.
  • When used immediately before hitting the driver, our testers saw on average 5.3% increased clubhead speed.
  • Legal to carry on the course. Yes, you can warm up with it before every drive!
  • While we did not find it to be the case, several PGA Pro’s stated that the Sklz Golf Flex will also help you stay on plane and fight a slice.
  • We were able to find over 6,000 verified reviews with an average score of 4.6 out of 5.


  • While the market it as doubling as a tool for stretching, it stretches you no better than any club in your bag.
  • Slz offers affordable training aids. You can find an Orange Whip knock off (not as high of quality) for half the price of the Gold Flex.

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the most important stretch in golf training aid

The Most Important Stretch In Golf – MISIG Golf Training Aid

As we hinted to in our review of the Orange Whip, the majority of golfers will see a considerable increase in swing speed and shot distance by simply properly stretching before pulling out the driver or starting their round. The MISIG training aid is flat out the best stretching tool we have ever found. Originally made available in 2016, the MISIG team designed a nearly flawless product here. The biggest issue is that they can not keep up with demand. That being said, we do our best to keep the link below pointed at an online store with product availability.


  • As a stretch aid, this can be legally carried in your bag if you want to stretch throughout your round.
  • If used consistently in your home or office, your flexibility and muscle memory will improve dramatically with long-lasting improvements in your game.
  • Given the crazy demand level, at $84 with free shipping this is one of our best-priced training aids.
  • Manufactured out of high quality materials. The MISIG in our office is four years old and has been used daily for that entire time period.


  • Does nothing for your swing other than increase the total percent of your backswing. Has no effect on grip, transition, or swing plane.
  • Currently sold out at most popular retailers including Dick’s, Amazon, and Global Golf.

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Best Alternative Swing Speed Training Aids

While a notch below our winners, these products are worth a look and may fit your game better.

rapsodo mobile launch monitor training aid

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

We continue to be blown away by this little launch monitor. As we mentioned at the open, you can not always have your local pro with you while you are on the course, at the range, or even just hitting balls into a net in your backyard. That is where the Rapsodo launch monitor comes in. At around the cost of a used set of clubs, the Rapsodo gives you the majority of the data you would get with a Trackman.

One of the pros onsite for our test actually predicted that the testers would see considerable increases in swing speed if they were just made aware of their speed following each swing. So we busted out the Rapsodo and it undoubtedly made a difference for each tester. The real question is whether the increase in swing speed was natural or was being forced to improve their Rapsodo numbers.


  • Get instant feedback on swing details like club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, smash factor, flight pattern, distance, and more.
  • Works indoors or outdoors and while hitting into a net.
  • Track each club to get an accurate distance for every club in your bag.
  • Distances accurate to within 2% of trackman, despite being priced almost 98% cheaper.


  • Undoubtedly, just seeing your swing speed and pushing to increase it is not good for your game. We are looking to find natural speed in this test.
  • The technology is fantastic, but no where near as consistent or easy to use as a trackman.

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orange whip swing speed trainer

Orange Whip Swing Speed Training Aid

I feel obligated to state that I own every training aid on this page and the orange whip with the only one that stays in my bag. That being said, with extremely competitive products that do virtually the exact same thing at nearly half the price, we can no longer include this as one of our winners on this list. Nonetheless, there is a reason that after nearly a decade in the training aid industry, the orange whip is still one of the 10 best selling products on the planet. It just works.

Our testers saw on average a 6% increase in swing speed. All seven of the testers that tried the orange whip saw at least a 2% increase in their swing speed.


  • Easy to use, works in just a few swings, legal to carry in your bag on the course.
  • The highest swing speed training aid on the market. Over 95% of verified buyers rated the orange whip at least 4 stars.
  • Doubles as a stretching tool that can, in itself, provide measurable increases in swing speed.
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and weights with both a putter and wedge option.
  • One swing aid that works for both right and left handed golfers.


  • Price. There are now knockoffs available on Amazon priced more than 60% cheaper than the orange whip.

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sklz speed training aid new for 2020

Sklz Tempo and Grip Trainer

We need to preface this review by saying we love this swing aid for new golfers. If you are new to the game and struggle with either an overly strong or weak grip, this is quite literally the best swing speed training aid on the market. The issue our experienced testers had with it is the grip trainer. They all preferred to just have a standard golf grip that let them use their own grip for the warm up swings. That is not to say the tool wasn’t effect. Five out of six testers saw increased swing speed, with a 4.8% average swing speed increase.


  • Weighted end can of device can be adjusted between driver and irons.
  • Design with grip incorporated goes a long way to helping find the proper swing plane.
  • Consistent practice will help build swing-specific muscles, resulting in long-term swing speed gains.
  • At $29.99, this is the cheapest swing speed training aid we tested, while still providing significant results.


  • More advanced golfers may not want to monkey with their grip prior to their round.
  • Because the aid incorporates the golfer’s grip, it is only available for right-hand golfers.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Swing Speed Training Aids

Anytime we write an article that covers training aids we get several very predictable responses and comments. The most popular comment is that the only training aids golfers should be using are their local pro and alignment sticks.

While we understand this sentiment, it is very misleading for new golfers that may not be able to afford frequent training sessions with a PGA professional. There is also a group of golfers that may be able to afford the lessons, but prefer to be able to work on their own, in their backyard. In this case, training aids help to improve their game by giving them feedback or simply developing good habits without having to incorporate another person.

The other group of comments we get include questions about how our tests were conducted, how we rated each training aid, what aid we recommend for their personal swing flaw, and many other topics. These FAQs should address the majority of those questions, but if they do not feel free to post your question in the comment section below this article and a staff member will be more than happy to help.

What was the handicap of the golfers that conducted these tests?

Our local staff here in Asheville, NC includes a wide variety of handicaps. The ten testers we used here ranged from beginner golfers with no handicap to single-digit handicappers to a guy that spent two seasons on the Korn Ferry Tour. As you might expect, the new golfers almost always saw more dramatic increases in swing speed after using the training aid.

Are there training aids you intentionally left off this list?

There most certainly training aids we tested that were left off this list. If the swing speed increase was significant but not worth the price of the aid, we simply excluded it from this list. If there was no noticeable swing speed increase we chose to omit the training aid rather than speak negatively about someone’s product. There are also training aids that we simply were not able to get in time for this test. They may be added once we receive them. In total, we tested 38 different training aids when compiling this list and did our best to include all of the most popular products on the market.

Is there a swing speed training aid that helped considerably more with swing plane?

In general, the SuperSpeed training system, Sklz Gold Flex, and Orange Whip test best in terms of improving swing plane. That being said, if you are struggling with your grip, or have a grip flaw that you want to correct, the $29.99 price point on the Sklz Tempo may actually improve your plane by fixing your grip and getting the clubhead in a better position at the top of your swing. Many golfers that come over the top may do so because their clubhead is wide open at the top, they feel this, then overcompensate in the downswing.

What products have a negative impact on consistency?

We included a launch monitor (Rapsodo) and the Golfzon Swing Talk in this test. If you are simply trying to get your swing speed higher at all costs, you can certainly start swinging too hard which will affect your swing in a number of negative ways. While all of our testers saw higher swing speeds while using some sort of device that told them their speed, many of them saw a negative impact on contact. This was pretty consistent amongst all of the handicaps as all of our testers were aware they were trying to achieve higher swing speeds.

How often is this list updated?

Because we have an indoor set up in the office, we are able to test most training aids as soon as we receive them. As new training aids are tested, we add them to this list if they are worthy. We also provide individual reviews of most of the training aids we test, if demand dictates we should.

4 thoughts on “Best Training Aids to Increase Swing Speed”

  1. I have all of these other than the stretch aid… which doesn’t appeal to me. The Speed Stik set is my go-to, but I feel like I’m getting minimal gains (at best) from it. Do you think I’m using it incorrectly? Also wanted to ask how accurate the Rapsodo actually is? If I’m hitting balls into a net indoors will it still work?

    • Hey PJ, thanks for reading! If the training aids you have are not working for you I would first double-check you are using them correctly. If so, perhaps throw them on eBay and put the money towards the Rapsodo. It is extremely accurate, as we mention in the review, the only real negative is the occasional missed shot. It will work great indoors hitting into a net. That is where we primarily use ours!

  2. You guys had it right in the intro… lessons with your local pro!!!! Golf can be simple when you are getting good advice, no training aids needed. I took double-digit strokes off my game by sticking to a training program set up by the Pro at my home course.

    • Right on Bryant. As we said, there may be extenuating circumstances as to why not all golfers have access to lessons. Additionally, some golfers just are not interested in getting lessons, nothing wrong with that either.


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