Best Training Aids to Improve Contact in Golf Swing

We have covered every sort of training aid in golf, but perhaps none are as important as those that improve your contact. We have all seen goofy golf swings that work, as long as you make good contact you can play good golf.

Obviously, we want every part of our golf game to be polished. The perfect grip, the perfect swing plane, as much clubhead speed as possible, and, of course, great contact.

The problem is that most training aids focus on either swing plane or speed. Very few are designed specifically for contact. These training aids will help you improve your contact, get that clubhead square, and compress the golf ball.

Best Overall Contact Training Aids of 2020

We tested hundreds of training aids over more than a year to determine which were most effective for improving contact.

selfieGOLF swing training aid golf

SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing

Before we jump straight into the training aids, it is important to remember that sometimes you can fix contact issues by just seeing your golf swing. While there are tripods and even golf-specific cameras on the market, the selfieGOLF is a much simpler solution. Just insert your phone and clip the device to any club in your bag. It swivels to allow you to get the phone perfectly lined up with your swing. In addition, the selfieGOLF can sit perfectly on the ground to capture the exact moment of impact.


  • Much more affordable than both the popular tripods on the market as well as a golf swing camera.
  • Extremely portable. Simply leave it in a pocket on your bag and pull it out on the course or range.
  • Free one day shipping when purchased through Amazon.


  • Materials (plastic) do not feel like they are going to last forever.

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tour striker ball striking contact training aid

Tour Striker (7-Iron)

We are yet to find a golfer that has purchased a Tour Striker compression club that did not get results. The big thing with this club is you have to be comfortable hitting really ugly shots at the range or get familiar with what a good strike on a Birdie Ball feels like to hit your Tour Striker in the back yard. Unlike many of the training aids on this page, you are not attaching anything to your clubs and trying to feel good contact. Simply swing the club and try to get the ball to fly correctly. Sounds easy, but if you are not striking the ball correctly it is anything but easy.

It will take more than one range session to start hitting the Tour Striker properly, then several more sessions to commit the feel to memory. The great thing with the Tour Striker is that you get immediate feedback, and when you strike it pure you know that your impact was perfect. This is truly a game-changer for anyone that is scooping the ball, hitting it thin, or hitting it off the toe or heel.


  • Nothing to attach to your club, simply through the Tour Striker in your bag and putt it out at the range.
  • Forces compression. Any strike other than with the middle-upper (sweet spot) of club face will not fly.
  • Available in both a 7-iron and wedge. Pick the club that best fits what you struggle with most.
  • At roughly $100, about the price of a club, but obviously addresses a major flaw in your game.
  • PGA product of the year, Golf Digest training aid of the year, and a five-star rating on Amazon and Global Golf.


  • Price is nearly triple most attachable training aids.
  • Again, you will look like a fool at the range, but the first step to being great at anything is being comfortable with looking bad at it.

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birdie ball impact training aid

Birdie Ball Practice Golf Ball

One of the reasons many golfers struggle with contact is because it is the least common thing we do in our golf game. You can putt in your office or swing the club in your backyard, but to actually make contact with a golf ball means going to a range or to the course. Birdie Ball offers the best solution to this problem that we have ever found. The Birdie Ball feels, looks, sounds, and even flies exactly like a golf ball. You can judge distance, spin, contact, etc with a full swing, without needing more than 40 yards of space. In fact, we only have roughly 20 yards behind the office and it is absolutely perfect for taking full pitching wedge swings.


  • Take full swings with any club anywhere you can find space.
  • Get instant feedback from not only the feel and sound of impact, but the flight of the Birdie Ball.
  • Competitively priced at $39.99 with free one day shipping from Amazon.
  • See the Birdie Ball draw or Fade to confirm proper contact and flight path.


  • If the grass you are hitting off of is long or rough, getting the Birdie Ball to sit perfectly takes a little work.

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impact snap training aid 2020

Impact Snap Training Aid

This list would not be complete without the four-time Golf Digest product of the year that has an impact right in the name. If you watch any of the best teachers in the game, they are preaching exactly what the Impact Snap teaches you to do. Furthermore, if you watch any great ball-striker on tour, they hit the ball exactly how the Impact Snap trains you to strike the ball.

Mike Bender is our favorite follow on Instagram and in almost every one of his videos he is teaching his students what the proper impact position is and how to achieve it. If you don’t have access to lessons with a coach like Bender, or simply can not afford regular lessons with a PGA Pro, the Impact Snap is the next best thing.


  • The ‘snap’ gives you instant feedback on your release. If you hear the click after contact with the ball, your release was correct.
  • Take hundreds of reps throughout the day in your office or around your house. Change your motion and muscle memory before you head to the range.
  • User-reviewed five stars across every major online retailer. Four-time Golf Digest training aid of the year.
  • Low-impact way to improve your game. No hitting a bag over-and-over again, get better contact without wearing down your body.


  • Price-point remains the only real flaw with the impact snap. Most new golfers are not comfortable spending $90+ on a training aid.
  • Grip could be better designed. Not really a golf grip or ergonomical in any way.

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Best of the Rest: Impact Training Aids

Additional training aids that will provide results and are worth having in your arsenal.

rapsodo mobile launch monitor training aid

ProActive Sports Contact Bag Golf Swing Impact Trainer

Every golfer is familiar with an impact bag, but not nearly enough golfers own one. We have all heard pros and coaches say a full length mirror is your best friend, well combine that with an impact bag and you will see a difference in your contact. Simply make your swing, impact the bag, hold the finish and check your position in the mirror. Repeat until you are in the proper impact position every time.


  • Easy to use, simply place it in front of your lead foot and check your impact position.
  • One of the most affordable training aids you can buy. This bag is $29.99 and ships free on Amazon.
  • Low impact as you are not hitting a ball and do not have to take ‘full’ swings.
  • The contact bag listed here has a nice target on the front of it making it easy to check your club head position.
  • Heavy duty build material, this is one aid that is guaranteed to last years.


  • No feedback here, you need to know what you are looking for and constantly check your impact position either on video or in a mirror.
  • While marketed for use at home or at the range, it seems unlikely you are lugging this device around to pull out anytime you have contact issues.

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eyeline golf speed trap impact training aid

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0

Our testers absolutely loved this training aid. Unlike the majority of the training aids listed here, the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap can be customized to fit your swing and swing flaw. It does not matter if you struggle with coming over the top or getting stuck too far inside, the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap is designed to force you to fix that flaw.

With four adjustable, soft posts, you can set the swing path you want to see in your golf swing and use the posts to verify your club head is moving the right way through contact. What we always recommend with this training aid is overcompensating for your swing flaw. If you are a chronic over-the-top, out-to-in golfer, then set the pegs to force you to come from way inside. Hit a bucket of balls or until you are consistently making better contact, remove the speed trap, and see the immediate improvement in your contact.


  • Visual and physical feedback for any swing that indicate poor contact.
  • Brilliant design on the pegs in which they release yet are still tethered to the board.
  • Similar to a coach telling you to hit balls to right field, you can adjust the pegs to overcompensate for any contact flaws you have.
  • The highest rated (according to verified buyers) of all the training aids on this page.


  • Address swing path more than impact. If you struggle to compress the golf ball, this may not be the tool for you. You can have a great swing path, but still flip the clubhead or hit the ball with an open/closed face.
  • For a training aid, the pricepoint is quite high. At $120 for the second gen product, many of our users may elect to buy the previous version for $70.

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swingyde training aid

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

While the Impact Snap has been the darling of the Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and PGA Tour Radio, the Swingyde was the first training aid to gain it’s traction through popular YouTube channels like Dan Whittaker. The sole purpose of the Swingyde is to get your wrists set and hinged properly for the shot you want to hit.

The biggest advantage for the Swingyde is that it ways next to nothing and gives you feedback without interfering with your golf shot. Simply snap it onto the club and hit as you normally would.


  • At under $30, one of the most affordable training aids on the market.
  • Device can be adjusted to open or close the club face depending on the shot you want to pracice/hit.
  • Easy installation, simply attach align it with the club face, about an inch above the bottom of the grip, and clamp it down.
  • Extremely light weight and portable. Will definitely fit in your bag without adding any weight.


  • Arguably the least effective impact training aid in this list. Better suited for golfers that struggle with wrist hinge and controlling the club face.
  • Does little to train the muscle memory in your golf swing, or to reward proper release of the golf club.

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sure-set golf trainer for impact

Sure-Set Golf Swing Trainer

We struggled with where to include the Sure-Set in this article. The first issue is that, like the Swingyde, the Sure-Set is less of an impact training aid and more of a total-swing training aid. Albeit, I suppose you can not achieve great impact without improving your takeaway and swing plane.

The second issue is that our reviewers loved this training aid. Especially the high handicappers. There were several immediate responses of ‘oh… that’s what it should feel like’. While this aid may not be impact-specific, you could make the argument it had the largest positive impact on our reviewers game.


  • Improves several features of your swing including forearm rotation, coil, shoulder turn, sequence, and wrist hinge.
  • Breaks down to easily fit in your golf bag or the included carry case.
  • Acts as great mid-round fundamentals reminder. Simply pull it out and feel a good shot before you take your actual shot.
  • Great overall design. Solid materials, light, adjustable, with a high-quality ergonomic grip.
  • For golfers that don’t know what ‘getting in the slot’ actually feels like, here you go.


  • At $109.99 certainly not the most ‘bang for your buck’ in the group.
  • Has to be ordered in either righ-hand or left-hand, and left-hand version can be tough to find.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Swing Speed Training Aids

Now that we have broken down the best training aids for improving contact in the golf swing, let’s take a look at some of the FAQs we receive regarding impact. Hopefully, you find a tip or tool to improve your ball striking today! These also include questions from the comment section below, so do not hesitate to drop us a note!

I struggle with my grip, which training aid will help that the most?

There are grip-specific training aids on the market, and several great ones at that. That being said, if you are looking for a two-for-one deal, the Sure-Set will not only improve your grip but will get your wrists and forearms in a better spot at the top of the swing.

Can I hit Birdie Balls with my Tour Striker?

Yes, we do that nearly every day here. The Tour Striker wedge or the Tour Striker 7-iron can give you the same feedback with a Birdie Ball that you would get with a normal golf ball. Trust us, your bad impact shots will be so bad that you will absolutely know when you flush one with the Tour Striker.

Which training aid provided the best results for the testers?

Unlike our swing speed tests, this was a lot harder to quantify. For instance, the Tour Striker would require days to see results, but until you understand how impact works, the only feedback you are going to get is that your terrible. Forced to provide an answer, we would say the Impact Snap. It certainly helps to feel a proper release then try to transfer that feeling to your golf swing.

How did you test these training devices?

Our team is already completely familiar with every product on this page, but we tested an additional 30+ training aids as part of this series. After conducting the tests, we each ranked the devices in order of effect on contact. The winners of that vote are listed here.

Are any of these training aids used on tour?

It is important to remember that tour players have access to things we mere mortals don’t. Including personal swing coaches, Trackman technology, and an unlimited amount of practice time. It is a pretty rare occasion to see a tour player working with a training aid at a tour event unless they are marketing it.

2 thoughts on “Best Training Aids to Improve Contact in Golf Swing”

  1. I have a love hate relationship with my Tour Striker. It’s hard to imagine a better training aid, but man is it frustrating to use. At the same time, when you get a few in a row to really fly it feels so good. I am going to pick up the Sure Set as well as one of the guys I play with can tell the type of round he is going to have based on whether feeling the slot comes natural to him or not. If the sure-set helps me figure out what he is talking about, I’m all about it.

    • Same here Dennis! If I am playing good golf at the time, I really hesitate to pull out the Tour Striker as I don’t want to mess with it and I just have that feeling that it won’t be pretty. That being said, it’s the only trainer that can do what it does. As far as the Sure-Set is concerned, our team loved it, especially the high-handicap players (not sure what your handicap is).


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